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Doing a Search On Bertoia Auctions' Website

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Doing a Search on 
Bertoia Auctions' Website

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that Bertoia Auctions is a great website to research out toys from their past auctions. I wrote how to do a search, but it's always better to illustrate with photos, just how to do a search.

1. Type in Bertoia's web address

2a.When you arrive at the Bertoia website, 
go to Toy Auction >> Past Auctions

2b.  Click on "Past Auctions"

3. Click on any of the "past auctions"

4a. This gets you to another page
with the words "Past Auctions" appearing again.

4b. Click on "Past Auctions" once again

This screen-capture is an enlargement of step #4.

5. Clicking on "Past Auctions (Step 4b) gets you to this page.
This page shows you all of the past auctions, and from here
you can now do a search through all of the past auctions.
6. This is an enlargement of step 5.
You will enter the manufacturer's name here, or even a type of toy (e.g. "cast iron").
 7. I entered "lehmann" as the manufacturer's name

7. Clicking on return gets you all of the Lehmann toys from the past auctions.
The "default" (sort by) results are from the latest auction, and going to earlier past auctions. 
In this case,the last auction was on November 13, 2016.

The search results for "lehmann" found 819 lots or results.
THat certainly is a lot of Lehmann toys to search through.

8. I changed the "sort by:" entry to 
"Bid Amount (high to low)"

If you like, Bertoia Auctions offers their new version of the appearance of their website.
If you don't like this newer version, you can revery back to the older one in the grey rectangle below.

The Bertoia Auctions website is not only a website for bidding on toys.
It's a great resource for searching for toys from past auctions, and seeing the results.

So thanks again for visiting,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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