Saturday, December 3, 2016

Another Old Kenton Toy from Antique Toys

Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Another Old Kenton Toy 
from Antique Toys

Yesterday morning, I received several e-mails from Mr. J. Edward Sanford.Ed happens to be the owner of Antique Toys, and he and I communicate from time-to-time. In one of his e-mails he sent me photos of a beautiful 1923 Dodge open air touring car made by Kenton in 1923. 

Kenton Dodge Open Air Touring Ca
Painted cast iron with driver
Circa: 1923

Ed found a nice photo opt the "real" Dodge Touring Car from 1923.
If you visit, you'll find lots of old photos that Shorpy specializes in selling.  Shorpy has purchased many exceptional large-format negatives from which they have made excellent prints from. Large-format negatives are 4" x5" up to 98" x 10". Talking megapixels, a 4" x 5"  scanned negative is probably at 300 dpi (dots per inch, a file size of 100 Mb, while the 8" x 10" @ 300 dpi is about 275-300 Mb. We're talking serious file sizes here, and the detail and quality of these negatives is unsurpassed! THe image below is a small fire screen-captured from their website.

Ed did the research  to find out that the Kenton toy was from a 1923 catalogue. I happen to have the old Kenton catalogues on a CD that I purchased fro ma website a while back. The touring car came in 2 sizes - 9 1/2" (240 mm) and 12" (305 mm).

The photo below is one of the smaller Kenton Dodge Open Air Touring Cars,
 measuring 9 1/2" ( 240 mm). I like this one better that the larger one, because of the nice colouring to it with the yellows, red and blue colours. Also, this one came with a passenger, as well as the chauffeur.
 So that's it for today, a short but sweet post on a nice toy from a fine
American antique toy merchant.

Thanks for  dropping by,
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