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Rick's Toybox on ebay

Monday, December 12, 2016
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Rick's Toybox on ebay

 Rick's Toybox is another company which is more known for its' toy parts and 
decals that for it's toys.Nevertheless the company 
does have lots of nice toys, as you'll see below.

Below are 3 examples of what Rick's toy box is known for. 
2 decals suitable for old toys, and 1 front grill replacement for an old toy.
The decals come off a paper when  immersed in water.
Once wet, you apply them to the toy and then, they will dry and stick on the toy.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, Rick's Toybox also happens 
to sell a nive assortment of toys at any given time.

Vintage Kingsbury Toy  Groceries Delivery Truck
Painted pressed steel with decals
Circa: 1930's
L x H:  8 3/4" x 4 1/2"  222mm x 114 mm

Vintage Sonny Toys Parcel Delivery Service Truck
Painted pressed steel with decals. This truck
is an old restoration.
L x H: 26" x 11"  660 mm x 280 mm
Circa: 1920's -1940's ?

Vintage Smith-Miller "Bank if America" Armoured  Truck
Very good condition with Original box.
Box measures 14" 355 mm
Toy measures:  13 3/4" x 5 3/8" x 7 1/4"  350 mm x 147 mm x184 mm
This toy came with an original key and padlock.

The Smith-Miller toy company originally made toys in the 1950's and later 
was bought up by a new owner. These toys are made very sturdy, 
and are prized more as collectibles that as toys to be played with.

Vintage Metalcraft Pure Oil Tanker Truck
Painted pressed steel with decals.
Length:  14 3/4"  375 mm
This toy originally came with front headlights. The headlights were operated 
from a "D" sized battery located underneath the frame.
The above truck  was from the series 5 group of trucks. These trucks had
streamlined bodies and came with the "v'- shaped grille. 
The tires are "Yale"*

Vintage Steelcraft Fro Joy Ice Cream Truck
Painted pressed steel with decals.
Battery-operated front headlights (size "D" battery).
Circa 1930's
Length: 21"  533 mm

Vintage Orange Dayton Friction Coupe
Painted pressed steel with steel tires.
Length:  13 1/2" 342 mm

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