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Techno Toys

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Techno Toys

The Tekno company was a successful toy company located in Denmark from post WWII (1945) until it was sold to another Danish company in 1972.By the 1950's the company had achieved such a success that it rivalled the British company Dinky Toys. The company produced cars, trucks, tractors, cranes,and even pots, pans, and kitchenware. The vehicle scale was 1:43. This meant that the toy models were 1/43 the size of the "real"  items (e.g. car) that they were modelled after.*

Courtesy /wiki/Tekno_(toy_manufacturer)

Techno 804  MG Midget with rare smooth base
painted diecast metal with rubber tires
Circa: late 1950's
Scale: 1:43

Tekno 803 Porshe 356A Coupe
Painted diecast metal
Circa: 1950's
Scale: 1:43

Tekno 440 (Denmark)  Ford Mercury
Painted diecast metal, rare green version
Scale: 1:43
Circa: 1950's

Tekno  739 Dodge Covered Truck (Denmark)
Painted diecast metal with rubber tires
Circa: Late 1950's
scale: 1:43 ( this toy measured 6" (152 mm)

Tekno 806 Opal Olympia Rekord
Painted diecast metal with rubber tires
Circa: 1950's
Scale: 1:43
Tekno 931 Monza Spyder
Painted diecast metal with rubber tires
Circa: late 1960's
Scale: 1:43

The toys above (top to bottom) ranged in price from $ 266.00 Canadian dollars to $ 83.00.
They were built quite sturdily, and have survived to this day.  The toys can be easily recognized because the name Techno and Denmark appear on the underside of the toy.

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