Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bertoia Auctions March 5, 2020 Auction

Monday, March 23, 2020
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Bertoia Auctions
March 5, 2020 

     Bertoia Auctions was one of the first large auction houses to allow me to use their photos. always superbly photographed and with detailed information about the toy and its' condition.

     I wrote a block post yesterday, and decided to continue writing. I finished this post yesterday, but made it for today. Montreal is very different with this Corona Virus pandemic. There are many restaurants, sports arenas, churches and synagogues closed for now. Shopping centres are closed, except for stores that can be accessed with their own entranceways. Restaurants are closed, but for pickups, and the amount of people or cars to be seen is eerily extraordinary!

    The images below are but a sampling of the many toys that were up for auction at the beginning of this month.  I selected some of the rarer toys that were sold.

So that's it for today.
I hope all of you will be very careful when you go out of your homes. And if you do not feel well, you should go to a local hospital (if you are allowed) and have them do tests to see that you are fine. These are very trying times, and  please do not take them for granted.
All the best to all, and keep safe!

Toys of Times Past Revisited

Sunday, March 20, 2020
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Toys of Times Past
Their Most Current Auction

        I haven't been blogging much of last year, or for this matter, this year.  I just got tired. However, I still search out auctions from people that have granted me their permission to use their photos. One of these great resources is  Toys of Times Past. 

      I was checking my e-mail the other day, when I was surprised to see a notice from Toys of Times Past. I pressed the link, and the first thing that caught my eye was a fantastic collection of Greyhound busses. Wow, is this collection interesting, so naturally I had to write a post on it. I figured that just writing this brief post, would have people meander to the fine auction on Invaluable, an internet auctioneer.


          I would be amiss if I didn't give you a short story about one of my bus adventures. 
I'm a fisherman (fish-person), and so when I was young (19 years old), I finished my second year at University, and decided to go fishing up North. I live in Quebec, and this province of Canada has one of the finest fishing in the world (of course I have to select Quebec! I rode up north by bus, and got off 3 hours later at the resort - a place called Dorval Lodge. I went fishing for 5 days, and caught about 8 good-sized pike and walleye (called also dories). I waited for the bus, and when I got on the bus, the driver gave me several fishing rods, that I had totally forgotten that I had brought with me. Now that's service and honesty for you. I wanted to give the driver some money, but he wasn't allowed to take it, and he was very humble!

          I have one more fish story for you. At that time (about 1968), at the same Dorval Lodge, I mentioned that I went up by myself. I had used a guide the day before. and decided for the next day (due to costs) to go fishing by myself. OK, all was going fine, and I was within viewing distance of the lodge. The fish weren't biting, so I decided to venture out farther away from a viewing distance from Dorval Lodge. To be smart, I had a white rag, and I placed it on a tree that was on the lake. (Dorval Lodge is situated on a big reservoir that was created to provide water for a hydro-electric dam). I ventured farther and farther away from the white rag, and still saw it. I ventured further and further away and caught a good-sized pike. I put the fish in the boat, and settled down. I completely had forgotten to keep an eye on the white rag, and now I didn't know where I was. It was still light out, so I decided to return to camp. 

      When you are  in a huge reservoir, everything looks the same. Water and tree stumps, ad tree stumps and water. It took me 3 hours to finally see the white rag, and another 10 minutes to have the camp come into view. Phew, was I relieved!  Of course, I had matches, and would have beached the boat to stay on land overnight! Of course when I got back , the guides said to me that I should have told them where I was going. 

       Those were great times back then, but I must of course write about this terrible Corona Virus! These are very scary times. The stock market has basically dropped terribly, but the worst of these times is that people are dying! 

      I volunteer 2 times a week at a food back, preparing meals to be delivered to those in need, or for whom getting out of their house in not an option. Last week, I purchased N95 face masks for the volunteers. The N95 is much better than your average face mask, but there are differences of opinion as to just how safe it is against the micro-sized droplets that float in the air, when someone coughs or sneezes, and who has the virus. My wife has  "suggested" that I do not go to the food bank for now. I'm 71 years old ( I act like 16, and I still feel young). But as I have read, this disease in most contagious and dangerous to those who are "older".

Below are the 2 web address of the auction by
Toys of Times Past

     If you decide to have a look, you'll see a great collection of these fine Greyhound busses which most certainly reflect the name of this excellent auctioneer - Toys of Times Past.

In closing, I would  like to wish everyone good health and happiness, and above all please take care of yourself, and your loved ones. This is a dangerous pandemic, and it's not the time to not listne to the doctors and your local city, state, or federal officials.

Have a great day,