Monday, August 1, 2016

An Exceptional Art Seller Contacts Me

Monday, August 1, 2016
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An Exceptional Art Seller Contacts Me

  It's coincidental that an art seller would contact me as I am staining my deck.Of course, staining a deck does not come near fine art, but the commonality to the two is paint and stain.  I received an 
e-mail about a month ago from Mr. Matt. Cole.He is part of a fabulous website dedicated to and selling fine art work. He asked me if I would write a post about his company. Naturally, I said yes, and thus we come to today's "non-toy" post. It helped me deviate from toys, and was an incentive to write a new post.

In Matt's own words:

Hi - my name is Matt, and I work at Artsy. While researching Paul Gauguin, I found your page: I wanted to briefly tell you about Artsy's Paul Gauguin page, and about our mission. 

We strive to make all of the world’s art accessible to anyone online. Our Paul Gauguin page, for example, provides visitors with Gauguin's bio, over 180 of his works, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Gauguin exhibition listings. The page even includes related artist & category tags, plus suggested contemporary artists, allowing viewers to continue exploring art beyond our Gauguin page. 

I’m contacting certain website & blog owners, and asking them to help us achieve our mission by adding a link to Artsy’s Paul Gauguin page. In addition to spreading the word about our page, I believe your site visitors would enjoy this content. 

If you are able to add a link to Artsy’s Gauguin page, please let me know, as I’d love to share it with my team. 


"Art is either plagiarism or revolution."

-Paul Gauguin

Artsy is the name of the company  and it has lots of fine art for sale. Furthermore, it is a great sight  to visit to see all kinds of art, and to see what is "current" in the art world.

The Link:

Matt asked me to link the above page on Gauguin to the Artsy website. However, once on that page, you can move about the website easily to other pages. I decided to add some photos paintings that Gauguin painted in the late 1800's.

Gauguin was famous for his painting of Tahitian people, but he also painted portraits and did sketches, which I never knew about. Naturally, I had to add a few of his famous painting from Tahiti.

 Gauguin is most famous for his brilliantly-coloured painting of the people of Tahiti as you can see in the immediate paintings above and below.

This is a self-portrait of the artist

A portrait of Madame Alexandre Kohler

 A landscape near Arles. Arles is in France, and is famous for the artwork of 
Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh . Van Gogh lived in Arles from 1888-1889, and I wonder if Gauguin and Van Gogh met?

As I mentioned earlier, I've created a link to the Gauguin section on  the Artsy website. The other sections are also very interesting, as are of course the images. There are many different sections that you can visit on the website. Some of the sections are paintings, sculpture, prints, photography, and  film and video. 

Being a photographer, I especially liked the section on photography. So if you like art of all different areas, please have a look at this fine website. I'm sure you'll find something that interests you.

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