Saturday, June 23, 2018

Another Reader Needs Help to Identify Her Toy

Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Another Reader Needs Help
in Identifying Her Toy

   In the last several weeks, I've received inquiries from readers asking if I could identify or authenticate their toys. Today's interesting acrobat toy is from Carol Caraher. The toy is rusted, and has the writing "Made in Germany" on it. So if you can help identify this toy, please feel free to write.

   The toy is made from tin, and has a wind-up mechanism for the acrobat to do turns on the metal "traspeze". There is what I think is a logo, of a clown in a circle (4th photo down).

My e-mail address is:

Carol Caraher

So please have a look, and if you can help Carol identify her toy, that would be helpful.

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Need Help - Is This Toy an Authentic Paya?

June 23, 2018
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Is This Toy
an Authentic Paya?

Kristen Lopez

   From time-to-time, I get inquiries from toy collectors about the authenticity of their toys. I've only had a brief experience with owing old toys, and that was when I first started to write about them. That was when I first started to blog. As such, I am by far not an expert. I periodically will add a post for someone if they send me photos, and ask my readers if they can identify a toy. 

Today's nice toy is from Kristen Lopez. The toy has some markings on it, that would be Paya logos, but since I cannot truly identify the toy as a Paya, I can't say it is a Paya. Anyway, below are 8 nice photos that Kristen took for this post, and I hope someone out there will be able to help her out.

Kristen did do some research about her toy. She learned that the original Paya toys from the 1920's were not numbered. The reproductions from the 1980's had numbers. Kristen's Paya toy does not have numbers. 

Feel free to write me at :

Lately, I haven't been writing very much. I needed a rest from writing, and I've covered a lot of material in the 6 years that I've been writing. I'm always interested in reader's to send me their toy photos, and I can always write a post about you and your nice toys. So keep this in mind when you're reading my blog. Of course, I will return to writing soon.

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