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An Outstanding Collection Of Mechanical Banks by The RSL Auction Company

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An Outstanding Collection of Mechanical  Banks
The RSL Auction Company
from the

Haradin Family Collection

I can't believe how fast the time is "flying"this year. I feel that the older. I get, the faster time literally flies by. 

I'm on the RSL Auction Company's mailing list, and so I received their latest 2 auctions.One just came up in July, and the other one (which  I will be showing today),will be on

August 3, 2024
(Live Auctioneers)

Of course as time "flies by", everything changes, 
and so does this fine American Auction Company.

For this exceptional auction, the RSL Auction Company has
created an excellent Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format).
I downloaded it (I am a monthly subscriber to some of Adobe's
programs), although you might be able to download it also,
without cost. 

Personally, I find lately, that successful and fine  auction companies
are advancing and modernizing their ways of bringing fine merchandise to auction.

Photography has improved , and presenting merchandize against a white background makes merchandize stand out much better.

However, creating  a catalogue as an Adobe PDF file to download is
marvellous. It allows the viewer to download one large file and view it at his or her pace, whenever they want.

This takes time, along with skilled people who can take professional photos, and then present them in a program that assembles the items into a beautiful catalogue.

I really enjoyed writing this blog post. It's great to see toys, and especially these cast iron banks, being auctioned to other new owners. These new owners will continue to marvel at these fine types of toys for another generation.

For myself, I find that the older I get, the faster time goes by.

Yet these toys will be around for a long time to be handed down from one family generation to another, or to be sold at auction like this great collection is. 

It's wonderful to realize!

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog,
and as always,

have a great part of the day or night, 
wherever you may be.

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