Monday, September 4, 2023

A Reader Wants to Know About His Cast Iron Soldiers

Monday, September 4, 2023
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A reader Wants to Know About
His Large-Sized Cast Iron Soldiers

        It's Monday, September 4, 2023, and it's also Labour Day. I went to my Google G-Mail, and found a new letter from Mr. Brian Eromenok. Brian happens to collect large-sized cast iron soldiers, and wanted to know if I had information about them. These soldiers are 7 1/2" (19.05 cm), which are very large compared to original older models, or even current ones.
            I think these collectibles are more-recent that old, but I will have to search to seek out more information.

        Brian likes to retouch these nice collectibles for his collection. His collection consists of mostly American Civil War soldiers, or Revolutionary soldiers. He hasn't found any information on these figures yet, hence his reason for writing to me. 

        I "suspect" that these large-sized cast iron soldiers are from a more-recent timeframe, and not from way back in time, such as the early 1900's. I will search the Net for information, and see if I can find something.  But what would be best, is if some reader would be able to find out, or knows what these toys are, who made them, and when they were made.

        So, if there is someone out there who has an answer, would you please e-mail me, so that I might provide Brian with an answer to his question.

Thanks for dropping by,
And as always,
Have a great time 
for this part of the day.

(Mr.) Stacey Bindman