Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Toy Boxmaker of Fine Replacements

Thursday, May 2, 2019
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A Toy Box Maker of
Fine Replacements

      There are many people who collect old and antique toys. There are people who just look for the toys, whereas many collectors actually like to have the original box that came with the toy. Depending on the box's condition and the better the shape of the original box, the added value to the toy there is.

     There are also people who collect toys, or who grew up with their toys, but they don't have the original boxes.  As a result of this, a  "mini-industry" developed that manufactures reproduction boxes identical to the originals, but for their age.

One of these companies happens to be DRRB REPRODUCTION BOXES.


All our reproduction boxes are handmade individually and are the closest matches to the original that are available anywhere in the UK or worldwide. Compare our quality with that from elsewhere. Our reproduction boxes make ideal companions to your high quality restored models or for your mint, or near mint models that have lost their original boxes."

     When I came across this nice website, I wrote to the company, and got a reply the next day from Mr. Robb Barlow, the owner of the company who lives in Great Britain. He reproduces replacement boxes from Dinky Toys, French Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox Series, Spot-On, Budgie, A Crescent Toy, Lone * Star, Tri-ang MINIC, Morestone Series,  and Scaleextric.

I asked Robb a few questions about the process by which he makes his boxes.

Robb obtains original boxes from friends, clients and other dealers. He carefully scans then, but doesn't open up the boxes. He scans all of the sides and ends, then using software retouches the scanned copies to remove stains, damaged spots, scratches, and handwriting. From there, Robb then accurately reproduces the colour, before making a proof box. From there, limited numbers of boxes are made for his inventory.

It's always interesting to find  new interesting material for my blog, and thanks to Robb, I was able to write this post for today.

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