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The Gordon Bennet Racers

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The Gordon Bennet 

James Gordon Bennett, Jr., was the millionaire owner of the New York Herald. He created 3 Gordon Bennett Cups that were award to automobile race winners. The first cup was awarded inn 1900 in France. The Gordon Bennett Cup auto races attracted competitors from around the world to the race. To read more about the races, please click on the web address below. The history of the cup and the corresponding races are quite interesting.

Please click here to read more about the Gordon Bennett Cup and the auto races

Gunthermann Gordon Bennet Race Car
Germany, extremely rare example, reportedly only known example as of 2000.
lithographed tin racer features two hand-painted seated figured,both posed as
streamlined advantage, very unusual flat frame, clockwork driven, spoke wheels.
Length: 6 3/4"  172 mm

Issmayer "Gordon Bennet" Racer
Germany, very rare example, lithographed tin, familiar styling done in white
and mounted with red frame, features two posed drivers, gold finished
spoke wheels, clockwork mechanism.
Length:  7 1/2"  190 mm

Gordon Bennet Racer
Germany, very rare example, front wheel activated clockwork, tin embossed bonnet
contains four-leaf clover, hand painted driver, gold finished spoke wheels, nicely detailed boat tail fin, solo dummy head lamp.
Length:  6 3/4"  172 mm 

Gunthermann "Gordon Bennet" Racer
Germany, a very elusive and desirable example, crouched pose seated drivers, classic
aerodynamic bonnet, squealer nbox in undercarriage, fitted with balloon wheels.
Length:  8 3/4"  222 mm

Gunthermann Gordon Bennet (Largest Size)
Classic styling and most desirable in series.
To drivers posed in racing air flow ride, rubber spare tire on boat tail,
chain driven on side activated by clockwork action.
Length:  12"  305 mm

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