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James D. Julia's Past Toy Auction

Sunday, December 4, 2015
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James D. Julia's 
Past Toy Auction

Most of the toys below are called "pull toys". A string would be attached to the front of the toy, and the child would pull it along the ground or sidewalk. In some cases, the horses would create a galloping motion.  In 2 descriptions below there is the term "transitional". I am "guessing" that this meant that the horse-drawn fire unit was about to change to the motorized vehicle (fire truck). These toys were still being produced in the 1900's when the motorized vehicles first started to appear. Even in the 1910's and early 1920's these toys were still around, and the "real"item,s, as well as toys had already appeared in "real life".

Mr. James D. Julia sold his toy division (the rights therein) to Mr. Dan Morphy.
As such, James D. Julia no longer auctioned toys.The year was 2015. James D. Julia took exceptional and painstaking photographs of all of his toys going to auction. I don't know how long these "past auction" toy auction listings will be up on his website. So if you like toys, may I highly recommend that you visit his past toy auctions - you won't be disappointed!

In the years of these toys ( 1870's-1920's) there was a myriad of these toys with all kinds of names. Below there are mostly wagons, pumpers, and a dray. For myself , I had never heard of all of these terms, and needed a dictionary to understand what each one meant. Other horse-drawn items are the buckboard, the cart, the surrey, the coupe, the Phaeton, the Hanson cab, and probably a few more. People of the times most likely knew all of these names as we do now for vehicles. Examples  of today's cars are are coupe, sedan, SUV, ATV and several others. Then there are the sizes of cars such as  subcompact, compact, mid-size, and full-sized cars.

These toys presented today are from a time long gone. The only places to see these real"vehicles"  today would be in museums, country fairs, and in the movies.

Wilkins Two-Horse Pumper
An early transitional pumper with a silhouetted driver
Length:  14"  355 mm

Wilkins Hose Reel
This is the "mate" to the Wilkins Chemical Wagon.
This toy also contains a unique bell-ringing assembly
under the driver's seat.
Length:  15 1/2"  393 mm

Horse-Drawn Pure Ice Wagon by Harris
Painted cast iron.
Length: 13 1/2"  343 mm

Wilkens Sprinkler Wagon
Very rare and sought after.
Painted cast iron
Length:  14 1'2" 363 mm

Boy's Express Wagon by Pratt & Letchworth
Painted cast iron, with stencilled words "Boy's Express Co.
Length: 17"

Wilkins Two-Horse Hose Reel
Another transitional hose reel with a silhouetted driver.
Wire attached to front wheel causes a galloping motion.
Length:  14"  355 mm

Rare Horse Drawn Chemical Wagon by Wilkins
Painted cast iron with nickel-plated chemical tank
Length:  19 1/2"  495 mm

Pratt & Letchworth Dray
A perfect replica of the dray wagons from the 1880's-1890's.
Removable stake sides, cast iron dray bed with wooden inserts
Length:  13"  330 mm

Welker & Crosby "One-Horse Truck"
Painted cast iron with japanned horse.
This is number 11 in the Welker & Crosby catalogue.
Length:  14"  355 mm

It's been a long time since I added a post about such old toys. As i already mentioned, the reason for posting is that I don't know how long the toy auction results and photos will be on the James. D. Julia website. 

I hope that you enjoy this post.

I just found out that James D. Julia has all kinds of videos on YouTube
If you go to the URL below, you'll see an example of a video.All of the video introductions are the same, but the content later on is different for each auction.

Below is the URL for one particular toy auction. These videos are quite interesting and informative.

Please click here to visit a James D. Julia YouTube video

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