Friday, December 2, 2016

More Nice Dinky Toys from ebay seller Fredtoys2727

Friday, December 2, 2016
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More Nice Dinky Toys from
ebay seller Fredtoys2727

I had written the first post about Frédéric Chemin on  October 9, 2016. His excellent photography had caught my attention, and at the time, I was introducing Dinky Toys. I like these small toys because they remind me of Tootsietoys. In that respect, I've included 1 Tootsietoy for comparison to the other Dinky Toys.

Frédéric likes to buy  toys that are in very good condition.  If you visit his ebay store, you will see that most of his cars are in that condition.

Below is a Tootsietoy. Both the Dinky Toys and the Tootsietoys were die-cast from a mould. 
Tootsietoys are larger than the Dinky Toys, and  except for the sets of Tootsietoys, you never see individual toys in boxes. In the  1930's both companies also made cars specific to their respective countries Dinky Toys were British and European,while Tootsietoys were American.

Dinky Toys also sometimes suffered from the nature of the metal casting. On some toys, you will notice small cracks, and in some toys much more visible cracks, and small pieces of the casting that have come off. In the Tootsietoys, occasionally, you'll see the cracking, but not as frequent as Dinky toys.

In that respect, Frederic has truly selected his toys very carefully.

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