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ebay golfer3105 - A New Guest

Thursday, December 8, 2016
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ebay Golfer3105
A New Guest

"In his own words"

"Feel free to use my pictures. My name is Livio from Switzerland and my goal is only to restore toys if they are broken or poorly restored from somebody before, who didn't have the skills and "destroyed it before. In my case,a fire destroyed almost all of my toys, and I had to rebuild from scratch. That means that I will save any toys in their original condition as possible."

When I received the reply from golfer3105 ( a merchant on ebay), I was surprised at the reply.
In my letter, I had mentioned the fine "restored" items that he had. Livio replied that I had his permission to use his photos, and, he mentioned that he likes to  restore items. Lately, I've seen and presented a good amount of restored items, and obviously they do sell.

I also like restored toys, because it presents them at their best. I've restored small toys like the Tootsietoys, and they also sold well.

Extremely Rare Wyandotte LaSalle Version with Removable Hood
Beautifully restored, painted pressed steel with rubber tires
Circa: 1930's

Wyandotte "Coast to Coast Bus with Rear Door
Beautifully restored pressed steel bus with decals
Rubber tires on metal rims
Circa: 1940's

Rare Marx # 3 Race  Car
Painted pressed steel with rubber tires on metal rims
Circa 1930's

Packard Collectible Automobilia Wyandotte Toy
Painted pressed steel with original white rubber tires
Battery-operated lights in front

Beautifully restored wind-up toy
Pressed steel, with working battery-operated headlights and taillight
Rubber tires mounted on steel rims

Rare Working Marx G-Man Toy Gun
Lithographed tin, with working part that emits sparks
Circa: 1930

AS you can see, golfer3105 had a very nice collection of toys for sell.
Moreover, the restored toys are quite nice as well.  In 50 years, 
I wonder what the value of these toys will be, because these
toys will have been true antiques (100 years or older), and will some people care?

Thanks for dropping by, 
and as always, 
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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