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A Hi-Way Henry Toy

Friday, December 9, 2016
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A Hi-Way Henry Toy
and other toys

"Fisher Tin Windup Hi-Way Henry Touring Car. The German based Fisher, Heinrich & Co. had an easily recognized mark, a fish swimming through the letter A, but not all toys were so marked, especially those for the American market. The George Brogfeldt store of New York purchased many of the toys produced by Fischer for the American market. George Brogfeldt Corp. was among the first companies to acquire rights to produce toys attached to specific cartoon characters. It is believed that Brogfeldt first had the Hi-Way Henry produced by Fisher, hence the early Hi-Way Henry had spoke wheels also used by Fisher for all their other tin toys. Brogfeldt later had the Hi-Way Henry produced by Fisher under the Nifty brand owned by Brogfeldt producing other cartoon characters like the Nifty Speedy Felix and the Toonerville Trolley. 

Being offered, I believe, is a rare early version with the spoke wheels. Different on this one is the Made in Germany location on each door below Oscar Hit where the later productions have Made in Germany on the front just below the hand crank. The windup works but is a little weak. Missing is the lift plate underneath with the two small wheels and the small rear guide wheel also underneath. Everything else is complete showing age as expected on a piece like this one. An unusual and rare tin wind up toy at nearly 10" long and 8 1/2" tall to the tip of the straw hat on the clothes line."

 I tried to find information on the cartoon character, Hi-Way Henry, but I couldn't find any.
What's interesting in the photo with the wind-up mechanism (second from bottom) is that my city Montreal is added just above they key. That's interesting, because I didn't think that Montreal was so recognized internationally in the 1920's-1930's, go figure!

Lehmann 590 Autobus
Lithographed tin with wind-up key for motion
Length:  8"  202 mm
Not only does the toy bus moves, but the bus driver is also attached to
the same mechanism for movement. As such, the driver 
can steer the bus to the left and right.

Wyandotte Cadillac Toytown Delivery Truck
Lithographed pressed steel with rubber tires
Circa: 1941
L x W x H:  21" x 6 1/2" x 7"   533 mm x 165 mm x 178 mm

At the time, the Wyandotte company made several toy cars and truck (s) 
that were similar in shape and colour theme. This truck is in very good condition 
considering that is 75 years old.

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