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Cast Iron Toys Match-Up

Wednesday, October 2, 2016
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Cast Iron Toys Match-Up

I like to match-up real toys to their old catalogue photos. So when I received a recent Hubley catalogue, I decided to  match-ups of  the upcoming Beertoia Auctions auction to this catalogue.

This truck came in 2 sizes - 6" & 7" or  150 mm & 178 mm) in the catalogue.
The one above is 13" (332 mm) long. It must be from a later catalogue.
There are 2 things that are interesting above. That ball and string were attached to the from of the truck, as this toy was pulled by a young child along the road or sidewalk. It's called a "pull toy".
The other interesting to note is the rear chain pulley in the back wheel area of the truck (on both sides). These trucks moved with these large chains.
The above Hubley "Panama Differ" is 13" (332 mm) long.

The Bell  Telephone Truck above is # 41 in the upper right hand corner of the catalogue page.

The Borden's Milk Truck (above) is the largest of the milk trucks.
Below are 3 different sizes of the milk truck, although these assorted sizes 
were probably made later on. 2 of the largertrucks are in fact Borden's, while the
 smallest truck is not.On another page of the catalogue (not shown),
the smallest truck is described simply as a "Milk Truck".
The sizes are 3 3/4", 6" & 8" (76 mm, 152 mm, &203 mm) long.

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