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Match-ups of a 1923 Arcade Catalogue

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Match-Ups of a
1923 Arcade Catalogue

If you already don;t know, I like to match original toys with their original catalogue illustrations or photos. THe catalogue scans below are from an Arcade # 33 Catalogue from 1923.  The catalogue might even been a supplemental catalogue as the pages are numbered from 135-210.

By the early 1930's the automobile was already well-developed. Still though, the horse and buggy was relegated to the countryside,but in the big cities the automobile reigned supreme. ALong with the automobile came the taxi, and the "Yellow Cab Company" was the dominant company in many of the larger cities across North America.

The blue & white yellow cab below measures 5" (126 mm), 
and came in other colours besides yellow.

Reading the above written description, you'll notice that this toy was offered 
in colour choices of blue, ivory, and  bright red, with gold trim. The real "Fageol Safety Coach" was created to reduce the number of bus accidents that were common when the fist sets of busses were manufactured. 
"In 1921, Fageol became the first company to build a bus from the ground up. This new style bus was initially called "Safety Bus".[2] The goal was to build a bus that was resistant to overturning when cornering. It had a wide track, and was lower to the ground for ease of entry and exit. Following the successful introduction, the vehicles were renamed "Safety Coaches", a term intended to imply greater value.
Fageol trucks were well built and became favorites of the industry, owing in part to the dual range, mid-mounted transmission. This gearbox allowed for extreme ranges in gearing for slow speed heavy hauling and for highway speeds with lighter loads. These vehicles were easily spotted by the large number "7" painted on the front of the radiator."*
* Courtesy of Wikipedia

If you read the above written description, you'll see that this toy bus was offered 
 in  blue, green red and yellow colours with a gold side trim. 

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