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A Newly-Discovered ebay Merchant with Very Nice Toys

Saturday, December 4, 2016
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A Newly-Discovered ebay Merchant
with Some Very Nice Toys

I'm always searching for new toys, and ebahas lots and lots of them. So when I found some nice old toys from the 1930's, I had to write the ebaseller. Mr. Chris Moore goes by the "moniker" Iowa-Dirtman. I like that "nickname. I can just see Chris digging up the earth searching for those old toys! ANyway, he gave me his permission to use his photos, and he had 2 very nice toys, as you'll see below.

Vintage Buddy 'L' Wrecking Wrecker Tow Truck
Circa: probably 1920's
Black cab with red truck, wheels are silver with red centers.
L x W x H:  29" x 8 1/2" x 12" at the back  crane  (737 mm x 216 mm x 305 mm)
Approximate weight:  15 pounds 6.82 Kg

Buddy 'L' Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
Circa: LAte 1920's-Early 1930's
All-red painted pressed steel which steel wheels. 
L X W X H:  29.5" x 10" x 10"  ( 750 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm)
Weight: 15 pounds ( 6.82 Kg)

These 2 toys are quite large, and are very hands-on" toys to play with. Both steer to the left or right, as well as being able to crank up a wrecked car, or extend the ladders. I'm sure that children at the time must have had loads of fun playing with these marvellous toys.

This is one of the few times where someone has included the weight of the toys, and these certainly are "heavyweights" weighing near 15 pounds  (6.82 kg). What's of course  interesting is the great condition that these 2 toys are in. Naturally, being rarer and in such condition, they come at a well-deserved high price to buy!

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