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Tootsietoy Sets

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Tootsietoy Sets

The sets of Tootsietoy that you see are from the upcoming auction of December 10, 2016.
Antiques of all sorts that came with their original boxes are always worth more
than the toys alone. The actual boxes are collectibles.  In this case, the old 1930's and later 1950's art work is very nice, and interesting to look at. This auction must have had an avid collector ,since he/she collected all of these sets and more. As well, there fare nice grouping of just the toys themselves up for auction. Whomever collected these toys must have spent a lot of years assembling the collection, and I'm sure all collectors who send their items to auction are saddened to depart with them.

Tootsietoys "Aces of the Air" Set
Mono-plane, complete and all original, in near mint condition. Bi-plane with pods for water landing, some paint chips, in excellent condition. Bi-plane with wheels for ground landing, complete and all original, in near mint condition. Rare round original set box is in excellent condition.  
Height: 4-1/2'' 104 mm

Tootsietoy Playtime Toys - Playtime Miniatures # 7005
Length: 10"  254 mm

Tootsietoy # 7200 Motors Set
This is a more-modern set of toys. Included are a Ford Tank Truck, Ford Ranch Wagon,
Oldsmobile '88 Holiday, Ford Thunderbird, and other cars. 
Most of the toys are 4" (102 mm) long

Tootsietoy Furniture Sets
The first set is # 506A "New Tootsietoy Furniture"
The sets contain different sets of furniture for playing.
These are pre-war (WWII) sets.
Length: Largest Box  15"  382 mm

Tootsietoys  # 4600 Rol-Ezy Toys
All have rubber tires and some are in excellent condition.
Box Length:  12 1/4"  312 mm

Tootsietoy # 650 Army Set
Length: 11 1/2"  292 mm
 Tootsietoy # 7500 Airplane Set
Post-War (WWII)
Box Length:  15" 382 mm

Tootsietoy Playtime Toys # 05050
Box Length: 10" 254 mm

2 Boxes of Navy Ships
The box on the left is the Navy Ship Set (#5750),
and the other box is the "Fleet Set.
Largest Box:  15"  382 mm

Tootsietoy Motor Set # 7200
Box Length:  15"  382 mm

Tootsietoy Army Set 
Length: 15"

If you have the time, venture over to the Dan Morphy website, 
or the Liveauctioneers website that is shown below.

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