Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An ebay Seller Revisited

Tuesday, November 29,2016
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An ebay Seller Revisited

I've been revisiting the people who have helped me with my blog over a period of four years.
One of these is  Mr. Ron Michaud who goes under  hga6969 on ebay. Ron always has nice merchandise for sale, and this time was no different.  Ron has nice old toys, and some had been restored. So that's what I'm presenting today.

The above toy was sold between 1926-1930.

The Fliver above was sold in the 1930's

The above  Buddy L # 205 Ladder Fire Truck was sold between 1926-1930.

The above climber has a flywheel for movement. You move the toy ion the ground several times to build up the sped of the flywheel, and then let the toy down by itself.  The saved energy of the moving flywheel is then transferred to the wheel of the toy, and it moves forward or can also move backwards.

The Buddy L # 202 Coal Delivery Truck
is a modern-era toy made approximately in the 1980's  by Mr. Les Paul.

The Buddy L # 203 Junior Oil Tanker Truck is interesting because it has front head lights
that were battery-operated.

Judging by the simpler design of this toy, I would think that is was made 
in the 1920's. That big round piece in front of the truck is a horn.

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