Friday, November 11, 2016

Turner Auctions Next Auction

Friday, November 11, 2016
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Turner Auctions  & Appraisals 
Next Auction (2016-11-12)

I  just decided to "squeeze" this post in before tomorrow. Turner Auctions & Appraisals has a fine set of toys up for auction tomorrow. The group of toys happens to be from the Anita & Selwick Hellman Collection collected over a period of 50 years.

Hubley # 610 painted cast iron  Town Car
with nickel-plated grill,headlights, & bumpers. 
Rubber Tires
Circa: 1930's
Length: 6 3/4"  172 mm

Hubley made 2 versions of the Studebaker car.
One was the # 608 sedan, while # 610 was the town car.
As well, they manufactured 2 sizes of the cars. One was the larger version of the # 610 measuring  6 5/8" (167 mm), while the smaller version was called the "Midget Line". THe catalogue numbers were #Q 324 (Sedan) & # 325 (Town Car). They both measured 4 1/4" (118 mm) in length.
If you were to bid on the Hubley Studebaker town car, it would be a good idea to write the auctioneer for the length of this item.

Arcade Cast Iron Cartoon Character (Andy Gump)
Painted cast iron with car & driver
Circa: 1920's-1930's
It's important to note the crank handle in the front of this item. 
Not all of these toys that you'd see at auction or on ebay would have this part. 
It's easy to break off.

Rare Dent Cast Iron Truck Double-Decker Bus
NIckel-plated tires
Length:  10 1/2" 262 mm
Circa: 1920's - 1930's

Freitag Painted Cast Iron Double-Decker Bus
Has passenger/driver inserts (One side missing some figures)
Length:  9 1/4"  235 mm
Circa: 1920's-1930's

Hubley Painted Cast Iron  Fire Trucks
Wheels repainted on long pumper truck
Circa: 1920's
Lengths:  7 7/8" - 14"  200 mm - 355 mm

The Hubley scans below are similar or identical to
the group of photos above. These catalogues
are from the Hubley Catalogues of the 1920's & 1930's

Wilkens Cast Iron Horse with Curved Bed Wagon
Painted cast iron, curved bed wagon, missing driver.
The "driver" shown  is for a car or truck!

Kenton cast iron Overland Circus Wagon
Painted cast iron horse drawn wagon, with driver & bear
Missing 2 horsemen
length: 13 1/2"  342 mm
Circa: 1920's

Once upon a time, a long time ago (1880's-1950's), circuses travelled by road and by train to different cities across North America. As time "marched on", cities got larger, and it was harder for the circuses to find space to set up their tents, or to present their show. Also, in the late 1970's to the present time, circuses became less popular. The animal  protectionists also made very one aware of the fact, that animals did not belong in cages or even in shoos. For some people, this kept them and their families from visiting the circus.

As a young child, my parents took myself and m brother and sister to the circus. By the mid-late 1950's the circus that came to Montreal would be presented indoors at the old Montreal Forum, where the famous Montreal Canadians (Canadiens in French) played.

Gong Bell Company Painted Cast Iron
Circa: 1890's
Length: 8 1/2"  226 mm

The toy above was manufactured by the Gong Bell Company, which was probably the largest and most famous of these pull toys. This toy could be seen all over North America. The toy was simple. A string was attached to the front of the toy, and as the toy was pulled, the bell or bells would chime with something inside the bell, or with a mechanism to hilt the bell. The peak popularity for these toys was from the 1880's - 1920's. As time advanced, toys replicated real things , and toy fire wagons, and carts became more popular. By the 1920's, with cars, trucks, and fire trucks, the bell toys were becoming less and less popular. 

 U.S. Hardware Oarsmen & Coxwain
Painted cast iron, Oars rotate when toy moves.
Pull toy.
Length:  9"  229mm
Like all for the other toy manufacturers presented today, most of them originated as hardware manufacturers before they entered the cast iron toy business. The hardware that they produced was for the home and office. Some of the items manufactured included hinges, handles, and door locks and keys.

This is the first time that I've seen this toy. That's not to say
that it is very rare or will yield a very high price at auction. Perhaps, its' just that I 've never come across the U.S. Hardware Company before.

Kenton Painted Cast Iron Fire Trucks with Painted Wheels
Circa: 1920's
Length"  5 5/8" - 6 5/8"  142 mm - 167 mm

As the horse and wagon began to be replaced by mechanized (motor) trucks, these early fire steam trucks were beginning to replace the horse and wagon fire wagons.

So treat's it for today,and you might want to venture over to the 
auction to see the many other cast iron toys available for auction.

Thanks for dropping by,'
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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