Monday, November 28, 2016

A Surprise Hello from Antiquetoys

Monday, November 28, 2016
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A Surprise Hello 
from Antiquetoys

I was checking my e-mails today, when I received a surprise note from Ed of Antiquetoys. HGe'd sent me his greetings and said that I had not contacted him in a while.In the e-mail he had 2 nice photos of a new acquisition. It was an old Kenton cast iron car. I tried to find it in my Kenton catalogues, but couldn't. In Ed's e-mail, he did mention that this toy appeared to have not been catalogued.

What's interesting in the driver & automobile toy below is that I could not find it in any Kenton catalogue. I would wonder if that makers it more desirable as a collectible toy?

 Cast iron Kenton automobile with a nickel-plated driver.
 length : 7" ( 178mm).

The toy below is a frog bank (two frogs).
A coin is placed on the small black plate that the lying down frog is holding in its' hands.
When a lever is pressed, the small frog appears to kick the coin into the larger frogs mouth,
and the mouth closed.

J & E. Stevens
Circa 1882

What's interesting about this bank is the condition that it is in. 
For a toy approximately 134 years old, it's certainly in great shape.

I'm glad that Ed wrote to me, as I was able to check his website and find that 
fine mechanical bank of the two frogs, as well as the photos of the Kenton car.
On days like this my work is made all the more easier!

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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