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Grand Old Toys Revisited

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
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Grand Old Toys Revisited

 I wrote about this fine company a few years ago,and forgot that I wrote about them.
In a search result for a future post, I was searching for cast iron take-apart toys, and a nice photo from Grand Old Toys  appeared. I clicked on the toy photo, and was redirected to the website of Grand Old Toys. 

Websites that are linked to Grand Old Toys
They are good references for toys.

Part of the front page for searching for toys. Each of the titles above allow 
you to fill in for better search results. You can also simply fill in 
1 section to see what results will appear.

When you do a search in the database for a toy, 
a long list of toy manufacturers appears. I was doing
a search for "take apart" toys as research
for a future blog post on the subject.

Here are 2 results for "take-apart" toys.
The 2 results are from the cast iron company Kilgore
from the 1930's. Other companies at the time that made
similar take-apart toys were A.C.Williams, and I think Hubley.

A trio of photos of Kilgore take-apart toys.There is a nice description of the toy. 
Notice also the toys that appear to the right of the search result. If you click on any of the photos,
you will be redirected to a page that presents several photos,as well a a well-written
 description of the toy. 

Some search results are from another websites and American auctioneers. 
Grand Old Toys uses their photos on their website, and I assume has permission, 
just as I do, when using other people's photos.

These are some of the toys on another part of the opening page.
This section is titled "Toy Database Spotlight".
You can click on any photo to expand on the description of the toy,
as well as more photos. 

Above and below are expanded views of this MArx toy.

 A nice trio of photographs of an 1895 French toy.

 Not only is Grand Old Toys a great resource, but they also happen to sell toys. 
So keep this great website on your bookmark list, and if you're ever
interested in purchasing toys, go ahead and visit them!

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always, 
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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