Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some Rare Toys from Another ebay Seller

Thursday, November 10, 2016
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Some Rare Toys from
Another ebay Seller

I've been using an ebay affiliated website called picclick. Picclick has all of the toys on ebay, but presents the toys through a search. The site is well-organized and easy to work with. Yestersday, I came across the Doepke Adams road grader, and decided to investigate. I clicked on one of the commands, and I was redirected to bbrsales on ebay. There was an excellent collection of toys, and some of them I had not seen before. I wrote to the owner of the ebay store, and got the permission to use the photos, and write about the store. bbrsales has an excellent record on  ebay, and sells a fair amount of rarer and different toys. 

Vintage Doepke Model Toys Adams Road Grader
Circa late 1940's-Early 1950's in excellent condition considering its' age.
These toys were meant to last, and were made of pressed steel.
Length:  26"  (660mm)

When I started to write about toys, I used to buy and resell them on  ebay.  I've had several Doepke toys, and they were made very well and have endured over time!

Rare Antique Orobr German  Tin Litho Wind Up Double Decker Bus
Early 1900's with a wind-up mechanism.  When wound up, the bus moves forward. 
The wheels are moveable, allowing the toy to go in circles.
 6" x 2 1/2" x  3 1/2"   (152 mm x 65 mm x 88 mm)

The Orobr toy is certainly in great condition, considering that it is 100 years old  and more.
WHat shows here is the fact that the European toys were more sophisticated in terms of lithography on the sides of the toy. At that time, many of the American toys were cast iron or pressed steel toys.
Vintage Marx Wind-Up Pressed Steel Large Reversible  Coupe Car
The wind-up motor is done with a key that winds up a spring. The car features front and rear bumpers. When the coupe hits something, it reverses direction.
L x W x H:  16" x 4" x 3 1/2" (406 mm x 101 mm x 89 mm)

Once again, here's a you in quite good condition. Marx was an American toy company that was highly successful. At one time, Lousi Marx;s company was producing nearly 1 in 3 toys in the USA.
Original Vintage 1920's Keystone Packard Pump Engine Fire Truck.
This is a push toy with a working steering wheel that allows the truck 
to go straight or in circles.  Pressed steel with rubber tires.
The truck is very large, and measures 28" (711 mm)

The Keystone company started out in the photography business, and developed  toys later on.
I've never seen this Keystone truck before, and it certainly is quite sophisticated with its' bell, siren, tank, and hose reel.

Scarce Vintage Structo Pressed Steel Dump Truck with Headlights.
Early 1930's pressed steel dump truck. 
Headlights are battery-operated, and the on/off switch was professionally after-market.
L x W x H:  17 1/2" x 6" x 5 1/2"  (444 mm x 152 mm x 140 mm

Here again is an old toy (Structo) that is in very good condition considering that its' 80-85 years old. 
These toys were made for the outdoors, and were built quite well. The Structo Company was founded in  1908 in Freeport, Illinois (USA) and was originally known as the  Thompson Manufacturing Company. The name was changed to the Structo Company in 1911. The name "Structo" was a play on words based on the word indestructible. *


I hope you enjoyed looking at these toys, and you can venture over to bbrsales
by clicking the link under the company logo at the top of the page. 

Thamks for dropping by,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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