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PicClick - An Excellent ebay Resource

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An Excellent ebay Resource

As usual, I was searching for toys to present on my blog, when I came across a nice cast iron toy. When I clicked the toy image from the search, I was redirected to a website called PicClick. When I was redirected to PicClick, I realized that it was a website that is associated with and linked with ebay. Naturally, I was curious to investigate this website, and when I started, I realized that it would be a great resource to search for toys on ebay. I'll explain further as I present the screen-captures that I have below.

Above is the opening page on PiccCck. The titles are the primary categories listed on the website.
Notice that "Toys & Hobbies" are on the last line. Interestingly, within these primary categories, there are secondary categories, allowing for more specific searches.

This page presents to you the advantages of using PicClick in conjunction with ebay.
I'll let you read all of the features. Some of the best features are in the middle vertical column. You can  see detail and fine detail for each image, the images on a page can be enlarged  via a "Zoom Slider", and you can go to full-screen mode to fill an entire internet page with items.  With  ebay, you have to scroll continuously (which is not a big problem, unless you're in a rush).
The red arrow is pointing to a title that I selected. When I selected "Toys & Hobbies",
 the category was further broken down into many different categories (in light gray).
The title "Toys & Hobbies" is too general, so your results yield 
all types of toys from all different years of production.

When I did a search for "cast iron toys", that category was further
 divided automatically into many other sub-categories.

This is a screen-capture of an ebay window.Notice how large the images are, but that there are only 4 images on each row, with a maximum of 4 columns. Of course, you can minimize your screen size by clicking (on a Mac)  "Control" "-" several times to reduce the size of the window, and have more  ebay photos appear.

Here is an enlarged view of 6 listings. They're quite large, so you can have a better 
look before you go to the actual toy you like ,by clicking on the selected image. 
There is a slider at the top right part of this page that allows you to 
enlarge the image size on a page. The slider can be seem in the image below. 
There is a small landscape with a sun and a larger image to the right side.
Once you've selected something that you like, you can redirect to ebay, by clicking on "See It".

I selected this toy, and then redirected to ebay

 I've written about mikie70mach before (above), so I decided to whiten 
up his fine image of a# 218 Arcade wrecker cast iron toy. listing.

The screen-capture from PicClick (above) presents to you a lot of photos. 
You can even have 9 images to a row if you move the slider more to the left side.

The red arrow is pointing to the image size adjustor. Setting the  slider to the right enlarges each of the smaller photos, and now you can see only 7 images to a row.

 The default (standard) size when the slider is to the  extreme left is 9 images per row.
By seeing lots of toys at once, I can select nice toys that are well-photographed. Out-of-focus or camera shake photos show up well, so those I need not select. Also, the toys on a white background are great, since that is how I like to present toys, as you've noticed if you've visited my blog before. 

This is the standard ebay window with 4 images to a horizontal row.

I decided to select the A.C.Williams Green Sedan.
By clicking on the small photo, I was redirected to the series of photos below.

What's great here is that when you open up a selection like the A.C.Williams green sedan, another tab at the top appears. The red arrows are now pointing to 2 tabs. What this means is that when I'm finished looking at the above series of photos, I can close this window and return to the original multi-image page above this one.

PicClick has access to all the photos that ebay has. However, PicClick  presents then in a consecutive manner, allowing you to view the images (4 in this screen-capture) one after the other. The red arrow is pointing to information that you will see on ebay. What's also interesting is "PicClick insights".
This presents to you useful information about the costs (average, low, high) that the toy sold for, as well as the popularity (how many people are watching this toy on ebay ),and the rating of the seller.
If you click on any of the photos above, you will get an enlarged image like the one below.

Finding PicClick was a  great discovery. Now I can visit PicClick before I visit  ebay . I can view many more images in a shorter time, and when I find one that I like, I can redirect to  ebay in order to see the item and description, and then contact the seller for permission to use his/her photos.
As well, I like the way PicClick categorizes a specific category. 

You can go from:

1. Toys
2.Cast Iron Toys
3. Cast Iron Trucks
4. Kenton Cast  Iron Toys

This helps when I'm searching for a specific set of toys, and allows me to view them all at once. 
It's great because this website is nicely organized  and structured to find items fast even when you go from a different window to another. As such, it's very relaxing to use PicClick !

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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