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Still More Dinky Toys

Monday, November 7, 2016
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Still More Dinky Toys

I already posted about the Special Auction Services' auction on Dinky toys, and for today, decided to add many more photos and descriptions from this auction. The auction was for the Dave Robinson Collection, who is (was) a collector of assorted brands of small model toys. When you go to the specific  link immediately above (the-saleroom), you will see many other brands of toys that we don't see here in North America. The collection was auctioned off in 2015. I decided to select only the earlier diecast models from the auction.

It's interesting how the Dinky Toys resemble Tootsietoys and vice versa.  Of course, in the 1930's and 1940's there were cars that were popular in Great Britain and the USA at the time. Naturally then, the toy companies would reproduce model die cast toys based on the popularity of the "real" trucks and automobiles of the time.

I thought I'd add a "twist" to this post. The surprise is the immediate 4 photos below, 
which are Tootsietoys from the 1930's, which are my favourite small model toys. 

Of course, I think I like Dinky Toys enough to make them my second favourite small toy models!

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