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Pull Toys

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Pull Toys

A "pull toy" is a toy that has small wheels and is moved by pulling 
the toy with a string (cord) attached to the front of the unit. This toy was popular from the mid-1800's-1940's, and lessened off later  on. The toy could be made of wood or tin or natural material s,
and would be mounted on wooden platform with the wheels underneath.

Two Cast Iron Circus Toys
late 19th century, a red-painted circus wagon marked "OVERLAND CIRCUS" holding six musicians and a driver, pulled by two white horses with red riders; and a yellow elephant cart with pulley-activated performer that spins and rings a bell, (some repaint).
LArgest is 15 1/2" (393 mm) long

Steiff Embroidered Flannel Elephant Pull-toy
early 20th century, 
height x length: 9" x 10" (228mm x 253 mm)

Three Painted Tin Toys
a "GLEAM" engine and car, and a horse and carriage, 
Largest length: 15" 392 mm

Horse-drawn Covered Carriage Pull Toy 
19th century, black horse with fabric hair mounted on a red-painted platform 
pulling a blue-painted carriage with yellow wheels, (minor paint and fabric loss), 
Height x Length:  10 1/2" x 26"  (267 mm x 660 mm)

Tinned Sheet Iron Toy Goat and Cart
America, late 19th century, 
L x H x Width 9 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 2 1/2"  (235mm x 121 mm x 63 mm)

Tinned Sheet Iron Toy Horse and Wagon 
possibly Clinton, Connecticut, late 19th century,
L x H x Width: 10 1/4" x 4" x 3"  (260 mm x 101 mm x 76 mm)

Two Polychrome Cast Iron Toys 
early 20th century an a Kenton "Overland Circus" wagon 
with horses and a polar bear, and a mechanical fire wagon 
with three horses, (imperfections), 
H x Width:  6 1/2: x 20" (165 mm  508 mm)

Six Pull Toys
19th/20th century, four horses: one with saddle, reigns, 
and remnants of a hide exterior; a Boston terrier, and a steer, (imperfections), 
Height: Largest 14 1/" (368 mm)

Four Horse Pull Toys 
19th/early 20th century, each horse mounted on a wood base 
with metal wheels, the two larger horses have cloth covered bodies,
 the two smaller horses have paint on gesso on carved wood bodies, (imperfections), 
Height: Largest 24" 610 mm)

Moxie Lithographed Tin "Horsemobile" Pull-toy 
patented February 27, 1917, by the Moxie Company, blue car with bright double-sided colour, 
white horse, rider in advertising coat and hat, 
Length x Height: 8 1/2" x 6 1/4 "

Painted Cast Iron Mechanical "Trick Elephant Bell Ringer/No. 40" Pull Toy
Gong Bell Manufacturing Company, East Hampton, Connecticut, late 19th century, 
when the vehicle moves forward, the elephant turns and taps the bell; 
polychrome-painted elephant figure on a stand and pierced platform 
with raised lettering "Trick Elephant Bell Ringer/No. 40," cast iron wheels 
with heart-shaped spokes, (minor paint loss), 
Height  x Width x Length:  5 3/8" x 3 1/4 x 7 7/8 in.  (137mm x 83 mm x 200 mm)

As you can see, there certainly were a diverse lot of pull toys back then. A famous manufacturer in the 1880's was  George Brown, while the 1940's saw Fisher-Price making lots of toys for young children.The Steiff elephant toy is from the famous Steiff "teddy bear" manufacturer that had been in business for nearly 100 years, and is still going strong. The toy above was manufacture red by the Gong Bell Manufacturing Company. They were famous for their bell toys, which is what they manufactured exclusively and only these type of toys. All pull toys are still in demand to collectors even today.

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