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Some Newfound Toys from a New Contributor

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Some Newfound Toys
from a New Contributor

Barclay was an American toy manufacturer specializing in die cast small-sized toys.  They competed with the likes of Tootsietoys (American) and Dinky Toys (Great Britain).

If you've read my blog, Tootsietoys are one of my favourite small-sized toys.
Like Barclay and Dinky Toys, the company made only small-sized die cast toys.

Tippco's trucks  are slightly rarer that their automobiles. The company was founded in 1912 and named  afar one of its early directors of the company - Miss Tipp. The company was owned by Mr. Phillip Ulmann. In 1933, Mr. Ulmann had to flee Germany due to his being Jewish, and moved to Great Britain. There he founded the Mettoy toy company, before returning after WWII to Germany to recover his company there.

Like most of the toy companies of the early 1900's and later, the A.C.Williams Company started out as a manufacturer of household hardware. Like Hubley, Kenton, and the Arcade Company,  they expanded into the cast iron toy business, and were highly successful into the Mid-1930's. 

Hubley was another household hardware manufacture who expanded into cast iron toys.
They were one of the most productive toy companies of the time,and manufactured toy horse-drawn wagons, and eventually automobiles and trucks. They also manufactured cast-iron mechanical banks which were very popular at the time.

Once again, the Arcade toy company started out manufacturing non-toy items such as cork extractors, coffee grinders,and screen-door hinges. These items were manufactured in 1868 and later. However, the company today is known best for its' cast iron toys.These started to be manufactured in the early 1900's and included doll houses and furniture, horse-drawn carriages and fire wagons. IN the later 1900's, more "modern" toys such as automobiles, buses,airplanes, and farm machinery such as tractors were made. 

There actually was a company called Pickwick that bussed people in California in the 1900 teens.
The company was known for carrying passengers overnight to and from several west-coast cities.
The toy above is was modelled after the Pickwick coach, and is about 4"-5" (102-128 mm) in length.

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