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Emerald City Toys Revisited

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Emerald City Toys

About Emerald City Toys
"Our goal at Emerald City Toys is to help you, the collector in your quest to find the 
latest addition to your toy shelf. We strive to stock a great variety of antique and vintage toys in all price ranges, so that all levels of collectors are welcome at our site.  We buy, sell,  and trade all manners of vintage and antique toys from the 1900's through the 1960's."

I haven't been to visit Emerald City Toys in a long time.  I had looked at my 1200 plus posts,and came across Emerald City Toys, so I decided to revisit them. I found lots of interesting toys, and presented today are an eclectic (broad and diverse) group of them. If you visit their website you will see lots of toys that are well researched and described.

1920’s Buffalo Toys Red Streak Land Speed Race Car

This great light weight steel land speed racer was produced in the U.S. in the 1920’s.  Buffalo Toy toys are difficult to locate in good condition because of their light weight construction. 
The toy is 21″  ( 533 mm) long.

Wyandotte LaSalle Car & Trailer
Made in the 1930's of pressed steel and whute rubber tires, this toy was iconic for its' time.
Length:  25" 635 mm

Converse Boat Tailed Roadster
Painted pressed steel with clockwork motor.
Produced in 1908, this is a true antique.
Length: 15 " 380 mm
1930's Aerodynamic Tin Clockwork Coupe
Heavy tin clockwork coupe, perhaps made in France or possibly Germany.
Length:  10 1/2"  266 mm

1930's Well O London Clockwork Racer
Tin lithographed racer made in England with a clockwork motor.
Length:  8 1/2"  215 mm

1930's Wooden Coupe
An all wooden coupe made in the 1930's. Possibly made by Tillicum Toys.
This is a company made toy, and not folk art. 
All wood but for the hood mascot and the axles.
Length:  10 1/2"  265 mm

The Tillicum Company made toys under the name Tacoma. 
They were the largest toy maker on the west coast in the 1930's.

1930's Deco Japanese Tin Police Car
 Stylish pressed steel police car powered
by a friction motor. Not a high-priced toy.

Hubley Cast Iron Futuristic Coupe
Produced by Hubley in the 1930's. 
Original white rubber tires and red wooden hubs.
Tires have age damage.
Length: 6" 152 mm

Barclay Cast Slush Milk Bottle Truck
Barclay produced fairly rare due to fragile nature of large  slush cast toys.
The castings were fragile, as the material used to make the toy was very thin.
There is some metal missing on the underside (base) of this toy.
Length:  5"  127 mm

Nylco Walt Disney Cement Truck
An unusal toy truck. Specific information was not found on this toy.
Other Nylco cement trucks have had graphics on them .
Wood constructionwith paper graphics and metal cylinder. 
Movement was with a rubber band around the rear axle.
Length:  13 1/2"  343 mm

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