Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ebay Seller Suntrux

Sunday, December  11, 2016
Cloudu with sunny periods.
-9 C 16 Fahrenheit

ebay Seller Suntrux

Chein Hercules Fuel Tanker Truck
Circa: 1920's or later
Rear doors are replacements

I've never seen this Chein oil tanker before, especially with the rear doors that open up.

Buddy 'L' Pressed Steel Wrigley's
 Truck and Semi No. 953
Railway Express Agency Truck
Circa: 1940's

Wrigley and Chicklets were 2 of the biggest gum manufacturers in North America when I was growing up. Chicklets came in rectangular form like many of today's gums, while Wrigley's gum came in aluminum foiled strips.

So these 2 items are ones that I was able to add to this post. 
It's also first time that I see this Buddy 'L' Wrigley's Railway Express Truck.
I've seem a few other toys with the Wrigley name as well.

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