Friday, November 4, 2016

Some Early Dinky Toys

Friday, November 4, 2016
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Some Early Dinky Toys

I've been posting about Dinky Toys lately, and this week, I was able to find some very early Dinky Toy photos along with some of their original catalogue drawings). So that is what I wanted to post about today.

I was fortunate enough to find 2 exceptional websites. 

One is the  Brighton Toy Museum. This great website has a large amount of photos, catalogue photos, and a lot of information about toys.The other fine website was found through The-Salesroom. The-Salesroom website has a fantastic amount of high-quality and large-sized images of Dinky Toys. The-Salesroom wrote to me to say that they could not give me permission to use the photos because they were not the owners-Special-Auction-Services was. Having received permission from both websites to use their photos and drawings, I was able to cross-reference original photos (or scans) of catalogue drawings with real Dinky Toys from the 1934-35  and the 1939-1940 catalogue.

 Mr. Nick Gibson is the Museum Manager of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum.  I've visited the website, and it's encyclopaedic in scope in terms of the photos and information available about Dinky Toys.

Old Dinky toys are in high demand as collectibles, just like Tootsietoys, but more so. They're especially in demand in the U.K. Considering most of the toys presented today are more than 70-80 years old, they're still in great shape!

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