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Cast Iron Kenton Toys

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Cast Iron Kenton Toys

 I just finished writing a post about Turner Auctions & Appraisals in which they are having an auction this weekend. Interestingly, Bertoia Auctions is also having an auction as well.
There are lots of Kenton cast iron toys up for auction, so that's what I decided I'd write about. I also decided to match up the auction items with their catalogue listings.

Most of the toys presented today are from approximately the 1927 & 1930 catalogues. 
Like other cast iron toy companies, Kenton started out as a home hardware company making  refrigerator locks.  The company was founded in 1890 by F.M. Perkins in Kenton, Ohio. The company start red manufacturing toys in 1894. The company became part of the National Novelty Corporation and continued to make toys. 

Only 10% of their toys were marked with the Kenton name, while early toys simply were not marked.
In 1927, many iof the toys were still horse-drawn, but some car toys first appeared in 1923.  Most automotive cars were produced from 1933-1940*

Reference: Lynne Belluscio / Le Roy Pennysaver 
March 13, 2011

Scarce example, cast iron, painted in red body, black roof and running boards,
 disc wheels, done in silver and red centers. 
Length: 10"  254 mm 
Kenton, green body and black chassis, features spare on rear, painted wheels. 
Appears to be varnished, but original.
Length: 8" 203 mm

Like all of the cast iron toy manufacturers of the day, the same model 
car or truck or bus was produced in  assorted varying sizes

Kenton, a scarce large size example, painted in green with orange body style, 
solid cast iron silver wheels with orange centers, a stellar conditioned example. 
Length: 11"  280 mm

Notice that the Pickwick Nite coach came in a total of 5 different sizes.

Cast iron, scarce size, enclosed Ford cab painted in red with 
open blue dump body able to tilt for unloading, yellow painted disc wheels. 
Length: 9" 228 mm

Cast iron, red painted open seat cab with railed Ice bed body, 
embossed sides, rear platform, disc wheels painted yellow. 
Length: 7 1/2" 191 mm

Since the automobile and truck were relatively new, there weren't that many manufacturers at the time, and most of the models appeared similar to other companies. As such, the same thing could be said of the toy reproductions. In order to identify a specific manufacturer, you have to be an experienced toy seller or auctioneer. Also, old toy catalogues help to also identify the manufacturer, and the approximate time period that the toy would have been made.

Kenton Oil and Gas Truck
Cast iron, painted in green overall with embossed 
lettering and water tanks on sides, gold spoke wheels. 
Length: 10"  254 mm

Cast iron, painted in yellow overall w/embossed lettering and 
water tanks on sides, disc wheels have red centers. 7" l. (VG Cond.)
Circa early 1930's, scarce example, cast work vehicle is done in green overall, gold highlights, well detailed mold, tanker truck has disc wheels with red painted centers, embossed sides. 
Length:  7"  178 mm

Circa 1927, cast iron, an interesting auto design with rear compartment used as housing for yellow boom with working winch, auto done in red, silver and yellow disc wheels, seated driver. 
Length: 9 1/2"  242 mm 

Another piece of useful information for identifying a particular company might be the actual weight of the toy.  Most manufacturers' catalogues were made for "the trade" (e.g. buyers of toys in bulk0. As such, the weights were given, as well as the total number of toys in a box. From that information, you could "approximately" figure out the weight of the toy.

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