Monday, April 6, 2020

Upside Down Letters on A Hubley Oil Tanker

Monday, April 6, 2020
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Mysterious Upside Letters
on a Hubley Oil Tanker 

I'm always amenable to receiving mail from readers, because it lets me know that they might have something very good to mention or they have inquiries. So when I opened up Suzi e-mail last night, I was very happy. Suzi had an interesting question for me,  but I couldn't answer it.

"Stacey, we stumbled across your blog while researching our diecast toy truck.
The letters “L” and “A” are upside down in the HUBLEY U.S.A. maker’s mark. (photo attached)
What is the significance of this unusual detail, and does this impact its value?
Thanks for your time and expertise. "

Below are excellent photos of this 1930's diecast Hubley cab and oil tanker.
I say the photography is excellent because there is a good amount of photos for the viewer to see .
Also, these photos have great photographic composition, and a tape measure
is used to show the reader the actual size of this toy.

Above is a an excellent photo that
illustrates the detail of the upside down letters.

Copyright 2020           Suzi
Please do not copy without her written permission

I've enlarged the photo and cropped the 
part that is the focus of attention.
Notice how the lettering is "upside down"

So the  question for today is 
"Has anybody ever seen a Hubley cab and tanker with the upside down letters?

If you have, then please write to me, so that I can inform Suzi .
Perhaps this IS a rare or unique toy that was "accidentally" embossed with 
upside down lettering, and is quite rarer!

My e-mail address is:

As always have a great part of the day or night,
and please take precautions when you go outdoors.
These are very "scary times"

Stacey Bindman