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A 1923 Arcade Catalogue

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A 1923 Arcade Catalogue
(A  Noble House 1988 Reproduction)

I saw this catalogue on ebay, and purchased it for $ 12.95 USD, plus 13.95 USD for shipping.
It's always good to have old or reproduced toy catalogues if you are collecting toys, especially cast iron toys.  I decided to select all colour pages from the # 33  catalogue. The catalogue begins with page 135 and finishes off with page 210. 

I happen to also have a 1940 reproduction (Noble House, 1988) catalogue.THat catalogue is entirely in colour, and has only 40 pages. ANother difference is that there are no different sizes of the same toy offered to the customer.  Another interesting fact is that the shipping sizes and weights changed. In the 1923 catalogue, it was noir unusual for a 100 pound shipping crate to be used to send toys to a seller. By 1940, the weights were halved to 50 pounds and a bit more for some packages. This of course had to do with rio freight. In 1923, shipping costs were much less expensive relative to the 1940 prices. 

THe 2 pages above are the front and rear covers of the catalogue. 
I like these artist illustrations for the catalogue.

There are 34 pages of automobiles and motorized trucks of assorted types in the catalogue.
Different sizes and different colours are offered to the store.

3 pages are devoted to mechanized tractors, while 7 pages are devoted to horse-drawn farm machinery and wagons. By 1923, motorized vehicles were more common on roads, but horses and horse-drawn farm items were still being produced.

The Yellow Cab was quite popular as a toy. Notice that there are 3 different sizes for this toy. In 2 sizes, the cabs are furnished with rubber tires. There is no mention as to what the third size has for wheels, but it most likely was metal wheels (tires).

Farm machinery was still quite popular with bot the older horse-drawn items, 
and of course, the newer mechanized farm machinery.

A good percentage of farms still used horse-drawn wagons. 

The "Red Baby Truck" was a very popular toy. It was offered in several  sizes.
THere are the No 1 and No. 2 trucks, and  No. 10 and No. 20 versions being offered with 
rubber tires and disk wheels. Again, there is no mention as to what the No. 1 and No 2. Versions come with, but I am guessing that they came with metal wheels.

There are many other toys that were made for children. There is furniture for the house. Kitchen appliances such as wood stoves, kitchen cabinets, sinks and ice boxes are just some example. There are also windmill toys, toy pumps, and even several hand-pushed lawn mowers that occupy 3 pages of the catalogue. There are even kitchen items such as meat grinders, kettles, skillets, and coffee mills with 2 pages of them in assorted sizes and designs.

THese are just some of the items that are in the catalogue. It's interesting to see that so many toys are based on adult kitchen items, even too miniature cast iron stoves. Most are wood-burning, while one has knobs, which I would assume were for gas control for coking.

Once again, a catalogue such as this (reproduction) is a great resource to have if you collect cast iron toys. You can also find original catalogues from the past, but this are very expensive and are for book collectors, rather than reference, since you wouldn't want to bend the pages or have fingerprints anthem over a period of time.

So that's a wrap, and I probably  post again in the future about this 1923 Arcade catalogue.

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