Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Smith-Miller Hollywood Film Ad Search LightTruck

Saturday, October 2, 2016
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A Smith-Miller
Hollywood Film Ad Searchlight Truck

Introduction to  Timco Vintage Toys

"Timco Vintage Toys is a family owned business located in Portland Oregon. My love for model trains and toy vehicles started as a child as my father and I collected the original Lesney Matchbox cars. We also had a massive HO scale railroad layout. My father really started my obsession with these toys. Our collecting continued for the next 45 years. We still collect and yes, I still play with trains. Currently we offer a massive amount of N-Scale model trains. Many of these come from our private collection as well as estates purchased in our local area. We have sold our trains all over the world and have been a eBay member for approximately 20+ years. We value each and every customer and treat each transaction with respect, care and timely communications with our customers. We will always do our best to provide excellent customer service, provide an awesome selection of auction items and be sure that both sides of the transaction are happy and the process remains fun. Thank You, Tim"

I have to admit first, that I was more interested in the photo location. I live in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and true weather is starting to change. For some reason (I was wrong), I thought Tim, the owner of Timco Vintage Toys lived inn Hollywood, and took the photo on the beach.  I had a lounging to be somewhere warm, because in 1 month, Montreal will start to hibernate for the winter and go into a deep freeze.

Nevertheless, albeit Tim lives in Portland, Oregon (USA), I still have that longing for the beach.

Now for the toy!
If you've read my posts about Smith-Miller toys,these toys are always in strong demand. I haven't seen this particular toy before, and it is being offered for $ 1,495.00 U.S. The Searchlight truck was built in the 1950's and these toys were built to last! As well,you can see that the searchlight is still in great shape.

As for the photography, it's great. The file size was large, so it was easy to resize for this post. As week, the integration of the seashore with the toy on the rail was done excellently.

The Smithy-Miller toys are still being made, and are quite expensive to purchase. 
AS for myself, I'll soon start the countdown to spring. RIght now it's too early in October. 
From today to April, 1, 2017, it's only 180 days to warmer weather. Then again,this years' spring was terrible with April and May being very cold.

Oh well, at least I have Tim's nice photos of the beach to remind me that 
there are good times ahead for next year.

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
Have a great time of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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