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Morphy Auctions Interesting Toys

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Morphy Auctions Interesting Toys
(June 24, 2016 Auction)

I'm always looking for new toys. Sometimes, I will visit past auctions of toy auctioneers to see what they auctioned off a while ago. This time however, I was wandering around the Net, when I came across a website called Global Auction Guide. The website is similar to Liveauctioneers in that it promotes new upcoming auctions, as well as keeping old and finished auctions.

The Global Auction Website  had some nice photos of a Morphy Auction that was held on June 24, 2016. I figured that it would be easier to visit the Morphy auction website, but when I did, this particular auction and not to be seen. Obviously, you could only go back in time so much on the Morphy Auction website.

Scarce Early English Tin Litho Whitanco Bus. 
Wind-up. Circa 1920's. Lithographed in maroon, cream, and black with window cut-outs. Rear entrance with stairs. Marked "Toyland Playthings Fairyland Whitanco" on both sides. Has original tin litho driver. Roof needs to be retabbed in. Has some scratching and wear throughout, especially to front hood. Featured in Antique Toy World Article. September 1983 - Page 32. 
Length 14" 355 mm

Scarce English Tin Litho Wind-up Charabank Bus
Made by Whitanco, England Circa 1920. White rubber tires and tin litho driver. Marked
"Whitanco" on rear of toy and also "Made in England -Liverpool". Featured in Antique Toy World Article (October 2009). Length 11" 279 mm

 Spanish Tin Litho Rico Wind-up Amphibian Aircraft
Circa 1930. Four propellers on top.Hull-like fuselage, Marked "Garai" on sides of fuselage.
Size L x wingspan:  14 1/4" x 17 1/2"    368 mm x 444 mm

Italian Ingap Tin Litho Wind-up Balilla Car
Marked "Ingap" on rear. Marked "Superflex IngaP on tin litho wheels.
Circa 1930's
Length:  7 1/2"  190 mm

Techino Tin Litho Rescue Plane
Twin propellers. Pre WWII. Made in Denmark. Has hinged side door and rubber tires. 
Has original Red Cross driver in cockpit.
Length x wingspan:  10 1/4"  x  14"    260 mm x 350 mm

Spanish Tin Litho Wind-up Madrid a Paris Limo Toy
Original tin litho driver. Marked "Berlina" on both sides of rear doors. Made by MJG.
Roof is removable, could have been a candy container. Top sliding roof is a replacement.
Early 20th century, very scarce.
Length:  6"  152 mm

Early European-made Twin Horse Drawn Open Carriage
Late 18th century, probably French. Very Nicely-made, professionally replaced,
Length:  13"  330 mm

 2 Pre-WWII Tin French Racing Cars
One made by Pintel. Unusual front crank fly-wheel mechanism. Original tin litho driver.
The second one is made by S/F. No 3 Racer, push toy.
Largest:  8"  203 mm

Scarce French Tin Litho Lion Noir Delivery Wagon
 Original large lion figure on top which is made of composite material. Push toy.
Length:  6 1/4"   159 mm

If you'd like to visit the Global Auction Website for more toys, please click below:

Please Click Here

I hope that you find this new-found toys interesting, 
and that you'll visit the Global Auction Website for more toys.

Thanks for dropping by,
and always, 
Have a great part of the day or night,
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