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A Restored Vintage Schieble Dayton Turner Hillside Roadster Comes to Market

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A Restored Vintage Schieble Dayton Turner
Hillside Roadster Comes to Market

Mr.Ron Michaud

I've been reviewing my previous post lately., and as of today, I have 1178 posts. I decided to return to Mr.Ron Michaud's previous posts, and remembered that he always had nice toys for sale. I even asked him where he always found such nice merchandise. When I went to visit Ron on ebay, he didn't disappoint me. He had nice toys for sale,and those that he had sold recently. I selected a nice toy that was sold recently - a Schieble Dayton Turner Hillside Roadster.

The reasons for having 3 names for the toy description is that the identity of the manufacturer is not identified. In the 1920's, Schieble, Dayton, and Turner all manufacture red similar toys. So without a 100% identity to this nice toy, the 3 manufacturers are used for the description.

Ron takes many photos, and does a fine job with the photography. There was one thing that I wanted to do to place the emphasis on the toy, and diminish the background.  That was, to remove the colour in the background. In this way, the colour of the toy and the toy itself would be more prominent than the grey-toned background. To do this, I "captured the toy", then revered the capture so that the background was not captured.From there, it was a simple matter of desaturating the background to remove the colour.


Schieble, Dayton, Turner Hillclimber Roadster
Beautiful restoration showing minor wear. Rear flywheel is working,sending the roadster roaring along the floor. Front headlights have been custom attached as seen in the pictures. Graceful lines from the long engine hood to the short rear deck mounted with a stylish spare tire.
From the days when a sporty car was huge.
Circa: 1920's
Length:  18"  454 mm

Below are the before and after photos.

The unaltered photo
 The photo with the background colour removed

The toy restoration is well-done. However, not everyone likes restorations of old toys, but prefer the toys "as found". Other people like their toys restored. THat's it with collectors - different tastes for different people.

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