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Searching for my Blog on Google

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Searching for my Blog on Google

Our Dog Buddy

The next post after this post has to do with where you're photos are on Google Blogger and How they are used by Google. That post let me come up with this first post for Saturday, October 15, 2016. I use Google as a search engine because for myself, it is the best search engine on the Internet. There used to be a lot of search engines, but sadly, many have closed down. Google just was too much competition for them. Personally, I don't like a monopoly or a company that is just too big, but Google works well and that's where it is.

This post has to do with how you'd find me on the Internet, and how Google uses my photos and those of the 100's of individuals and companies who have helped me out with my blog.

Basically, any search that you do with Google results in Google offering you 2 options. 
One option is titled "all" and that results in website "hits" or results of the search. The other search result is for photos.

 A search for "Hubley Cast Iron Toys"

The Result

In the "All" result, there are no results for my blog. However for the 
images for "Hubley Cast Iron Toys", the Hubley orange racer is my photo,
and that will get you to my website.  The reason that i'n not first is that the the
search I did can be very commercially valuable to Google in order to earn some money. Every hit that a paid Google customer gets to his/her website, earns Google money. Multiply that by a 100,000,000-2,000,000,000 "hits" per day , and you get to see the kind of revenue Google gets.
I'm just guessing, since I don't know how many hits Google gets.

Also, my blog is not commercial in nature. In other words I don't make any money from it. I could hire a web designer to make my blog more efficient and "professionally-managed", then use Google Ads" or whatever Google calls their revenue service, and I would definitely have my blog name appear. However,it would be lower down in the ranking compared to ebay which is second.  Even though I did hit the 400,00 page view milestone last week, I would not make much money from Google. NOt everyone would redirect themselves to  the website of the advertisers, and each "hit" would give me, if I'm lucky a cent (penny).

In the images result, I have 3 photos showing. They are the ones with the *.
And if you were to scroll down the whole search result, there would be more of my photos.

The above Hubley toy is an enlargement from a Skinner Auction photo. If you click on the photo now, you will be redirected to my blog.

Here is the post for Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers.

This is a screen-capture of a diptych. A diptych is a composite photo 
made up of 2 photos placed together.

I changed the search to "Old Antique Toys", and  I had no results for my website. I was most-likely o m the second page of the search results. Notice however, that ebay has the top 4 search results, while the remaining 3 results are also selling toys. 

The only result for my photos is the second row first photo
and the third row fourth photo from the left.

Finally, I do get a search result for "all". I am the second listing.
The first site listed is one that sells toys, and might use Google  , so that this site gets more priority on the search result list.

I was more fortunate in the results for photos. I counted 19 of my photos,
 and of course those of the people who have helped me out.
The name "Nathan Forman" is someone who helped me out.

This search was great, but  few people would ever use 
all of the words "old antique toys blog".

Some of my own photos above haven't the copyright notice. When I started to ask people and companies for permission to use their photos and toy descriptions, I started to include a copyright notice at the bottom of the photos.

Unfortunately, that has not stopped people and companies from using my own photos, and occasionally other people's photos. One of the companies that uses photos from the Internet is Pinterest. The people who use Pinterest take photos off the Internet without permission. The good news is that Pinterest "asks" people to tell where they took the photos from and most respect that and do add the website address or the company name. 

So that's it for now. If you've noticed lately, I have returned to blogging at a frantic pace. That was purposely done to attract more people to read my blog, so that I could reach the 400,000 milestone. The tactic worked a bit to elevate the page views, but not to the level that I would have expected.

That's life!

So thank you everybody for dropping ny,
and have a great part of the day 
or night, wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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