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A Toy Bank Book Review

Thursday, October 27, 2016
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A Toy Book Review

A History of Antique Mechanical Toy Banks
Penny Lane 
by Al Davidson
Publisher: Long's America

   This is one of the few book reviews that I have done on this blog. As the title implies, the book has to do with the history of antique mechanical toy banks. There are 576 banks in the book.Each bank is identified by the manufacturer,  has an approximate date (circa), and an operation description as to how the bank works. There is also something titled "Variations", which describes different changes  to the use of different  parts, colour, or construction.  There is also something titled "Fragile Points". Fragile Points weaknesses in the actual toy construction. For exam,e, the legs of a toy frog might be mentioned. This would then alert a collector to weaknesses which might appear in this "fragile" our weak area of the toy. Also included is a "Rating" from 1-20, with one being very common and 20 being extremely rare.  The rarer the mechanical bank toy, the higher the price at auction or at an antiques dealer. After the double-digit rating, there is a rating of "rare". This title of "rare" means that very few of these banks exist, thus the term.

   If you do a search for this book, you will find many different results with many different prices. I purchased my book on Abe's Books for about $40.00 US plus $ 23.00 US for shipping. However, for those wanting a copy that is in mint condition, you might expect to pay anywhere from $100.00- $200.00 US plus shipping. I purchased the book in excellent condition but for a torn jacket cover. I'm using the book as a reference for future writing, and don;t need it as a collectible book.

  The pages and banks that I have selected correspond with the next post that I will write, based on the exact same or almost tsimilar banks from an upcoming Bertoia Auctions auction.

In the above bank called "Darktown Battery", there is also a copy of the 
original  diagram copyright for this toy. 

The "Trick Dog Bank", and the "Trick Dog"  are similar in design and look, but have 
variations that are written up. As well, one bank has a higher rarity rating than the other.

The lower left copyright diagram refers to the Punch and Judy Bank.

A page with 3 banks with 3 different ratings.

It's the "Boy Scout Bank" that I found on the Bertoia Auctions 
upcoming auction in November 2016.

The "Leap Fog Bank" is the bank set to be auctioned in November 2016.

As you can see, the book is quite interesting, well written , and  easy to read.

One more thing.
I wasn't able to find or contact either either the publisher (Long's Americana) or the Author  (Al Davidson) for written permission to use the photos and descriptions. THe publisher are the husband and wife who also wrote Dictionary of Toys Sold in America- Volumes I and II. Their names are Mr. Ernest Long and his wife, Mrs. Ida Long.

If anyone reads this post, and has any information where I might contact any of these 3 people, please feel free to write to me, at my e-mail address below my name (where I sign out at the bottom of this page). 


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