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A Pair of Vindex Toys

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A Pair of Vindex Toys

I've posted on Vindex Toys before, however this time I want to use this post to lead into the next post. I want to use a search on my blog to bring up all of the Vindex toys I have posted, and then add them to that blog. It's something that is so basic ,that I completely forgot that this feature existed for blogwriters!

From various on-line sources:

The original factory was located in Boston, Massachusettes from 1880-1887. The company was then moved to Chicago, Illinois and finally to Belvidere, Illinois by 1886. In an effort to keep workers employed during the Great Depression, National expanded their product line to include home workshop machinery and cast iron toys. National was unable to compete with the low cost imported sewing machines and closed in 1957.
National manufactured sewing machines, washing machines, bicycles, the Eldredge automobile (1903-1906), home workshop machinery, and cast-iron scale model toys (Oldsmobile & Pontiac automobiles, Harley Davison motorcycles & side cars, John Deere farm machinery, a power shovel, horse-drawn wagons, book-ends, table lamps, dog door stops, dog and owl banks) under the Vindex Toy Company label. The complete line of home workshop machinery included lathes, band saws, jig saws, saw tables and line shaft assemblies.*

(specific posting on this site by "toolguyback")

c. 1929, very rare cast iron farm toy, painted in silver body, green highlights overall, features folding chute, straw stacker and grain pipe, yellow spoke wheels, embossed "John Deere" on sides. 
15" (381 mm) length. 

c. 1929, extremely rare example, cast iron, green painted frame with red drum and black spoke wheels, embossed "Lansing" on side, nickel lever, probably the most elusive of any construction equipment toy. 6 1/2" l. Levers, scoop & drum replaced, otherwise frame in (Exc. Cond.)
The cement mixer is estimated to sell for between $5000.00-$6000.00 USD (United States Dollars), while the thresher is estimated to sell for between $1400.00-$1800.00 USD.

The Vindex toys were not manufactured to the high production numbers as the Arcade, Kilgore, or Hubley toys. Nevertheless, they were quite popular and still are today, as collectibles. As such, they normally are offered at higher estimated auction prices.

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Bob Walden said...

Thanks for the Vindex info. You made me aware of these fine tractors and now I watch for them. Unfortunately they are above my (my wife's) budget. I did find an old one I could afford, however it had too many missing parts.

toysearcher said...

Hi Bob,

I know what you mean. These Vindex toys seem to be high-priced and rare.
Keep searching.Maybe you'll find a Vindex from someone who my not
know what he/she has in their possession, but that would be rare as well!