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Blog search Results for Vindex Toys

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 Blog Search  Results
for Vindex Toys

My last post happened to deal with showing my readers how to do a search within their blog. Today's post has to deal with the results of a search for "Vindex Toys"

In my search, I was able to find 12 entry posts on Vindex toys. Of course,the most interesting information is the actual number of different toys that the company manufactured. Vindex was most famous for their farm machinery toys, but like other manufacturers of the time,they manufactured all kinds of toys for the marketplace.

What always interests me is the fact that different manufacturers were make very similar toys. 
Although to the expert, he/she could identify different manufacturers, or identify the toy from its' label. But the interesting part, that unlike today where companies will sue each other for the tiniest infringement of similar features of a product, way back in the 1920's-1930's this didn't  happen. 
Of course, it would be most difficult to do a search for 
 "toy lawsuit patent infringements" from that era.

As an example, that fine Vindex motorcycle below, 
could easily pass as a Hubley to the untrained eye.

The farm machinery below  are certainly are certainly great collectibles. 
What's even better for me personally is to have the excellent photography of Bertoia Auctions to work with! The photography is always well done, but placing the toys on white seamless paper makes it easy for me to do minor touch-ups in Photoshop. This usually consists in adjusting the exposure, and the contrast, so that the toy stands out more against the white.

Once again, it would be difficult for most of us to identify the 2 motorcycles as Vindex,
 compared to those of Hubley.

Below are a group of Vindex toys that are more rare 
in the sense that you don't see them too often.

Finally, in closing, here are another nice grouping of farm machinery.

Most of the photos came from Bertoia Auctions, except for 1 image that came from Mr.Bob Walden.
The reason for visiting an excellent auctioneer such as Bertoia Auctions is that they  exclusively  deal with only old and antique toys. Of course, as I mentioned before, the excellent photography, written descriptions, and consistency of placing toys on a white background, always makes my work so much easier.

If you ever happen to come across a Vindex toy, then check it out, and if the price is right, by all means buy it. Just make sure that the seller or auctioneer can put in writing on the receipt that the toy is in fact a Vindex!.

Thanks for visiting,
and as always have a great part
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