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The Hess Toy Company

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The Hess Toy Company

I copied the images below from the James D. Julia  website. Before Mr.Julia sold this toy division to Mr. Dan Morphy (Morphy Auctions), this division was a very successful division. I'm still fortunate that Mr. Julia still has toy content on his website. Before the sale, this website was one of the best for toys and of course, his other divisions. It has great and detailed information about toys, as well as excellent photography.

Pair Of Hess Automobiles
This pair of Hess automobiles, one an open touring car and the second an enclosed limousine are in virtually near mint unplayed with condition. To engage the mechanism, one would turn the crank extending from the radiator on each car in a counterclockwise method in order for the car to move forward. The wheels show minimal wear where either toy was run on the floor but the lithography on the side of each vehicle is extremely vibrant, almost as though these toys were made just yesterday! One cannot say enough about these vehicles or their overall condition considering they are probably 80+ years old. SIZE: Approx 10″ and 9″  (254mm and 229 mm)  length respectively
 PROVENANCE: The Estate of Carol and Jerry Soling. 

                                                             HESSMOBIL RUNABOUT.

Classic toy manufactured by John Hess circa teens/1920s. This runabout roadster has the typical crank wind mechanism that would engage a flywheel and let the car run in a forward or reverse motion. Car is in pristine original condition with black lithographed running boards and a maroon body. Typical Hess logo on trunk of car with the normal chauffeur with goggles driving. An interesting feature is how often toy companies borrowed/copies one another. The following lot is a Japanese version which is virtually identical in many respects. The questions is which came first – the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the Hess version or the Japanese version. SIZE: Approx 8″ (203 mm) length.
PROVENANCE: The Estate of Carol and Jerry Soling. 

                                           HESSMOBILE OPEN TOURING CAR WITH OB.

Similar to the early Hess touring car but smaller in size, but virtually in very fine to near mint condition. The litho is vibrant & bright and the cardboard box has no markings other than 1021 stamped on the lid, which is the same number stamped on the radiator of this vehicle. Again, toy is activated by a crank on the front of the vehicle. Mechanics appear to be in functional operational condition. SIZE: Approx 8-1/2″ (216 mm) length
PROVENANCE: The Estate of Carol and Jerry Soling. 

Brightly lithographed racer. Lithographed “Hess Mobile” on hood. Has red wheels, a racer with goggles and a charming woman by his side. Also, has a flywheel mechanism. 
SIZE: 6″  (152 mm) length

Grouping of Three Hess Automobiles & Two Hess Boys on Sleds
Three friction lithographed Hess automobiles, two being 4-passenger vehicles and the third being a Bowtailed roadster. All three vehicles marked on their front radiators, fine lithography, and again these toys show very little play use. The two boys on sleds, one is clockwork and the second is friction. Both toys marked with the Hess logo and are virtually in very fine to near mint original condition. SIZE: Approx 5-1/2″, 5-1/4″, 6″ and 6″ lengths  respectively. 
PROVENANCE: The Estate of Carol and Jerry Soling.

Hess toys are easily identifiable. In the image above on the side of the touring automobile, you will see the Hess logo. In the other photos, you can see the word Hessmobile on the from of the automobiles.

I couldn't find any history about the Hess Company.  
All the search engine showed were modern-era toys of the Hess oil company trucks.
If anyone reading this has the information, would you please forward it to me, either in writing, or if there is a website, then the website. My e-mail address is below my name in cyan (light blue) below.

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