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Some Carrette "Motor Cars"

Sunday, October 16, 2016
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Some Carette "Motor Cars"
(matched up to a 1912 Carette Catalogue)

I often like to search my toy books to see if I can cross-reference (match) the toy photo with its' counterpart in a book or catalogue. It's hard and very expensive to find original catalogues from 100 years ago. However, there have been several 100 year old catalogues that have been reproduced.
ONe of these fine books was reproduced (reprinted) in 1979 by New Cavendish Books, with editing by Mr.Alan Levy. And so, I have a great Carette catalogue  book titled 
"The Great Toys of George Carette".

I was fortunate to be able to match up 2 motor cars (automobiles) with 
2 catalogue photos (above and below). The catalogue photos have red dots.

What's also interesting to read are the written descriptions and the actual cost of these toys back in 1912. The prices seem low to us now, but only the better-off people 
could afford toys from $ 1.00-$ 4.00 US. 100 years ago.
Way back then people were lucky to earn $ .50 cents (USD) per day!

The photos above are matched to the catalogue scan with the red dot below

 Finally, the last automobile (above) is matched to the scanned
catalogue image below. Notice that this car has glass windows.
Imagine how a toy that's at least 100 years old, was able to exist over
with its' windows so long, without having the glass break!

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