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Mr. Frederick Pals Revisited

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Mr. Frederick Pals
(ebay store-historical-cars-and-toys-by-freek2012)

    I've been returning to my old posts and checking to see whom I have written about in the past. I haven't catalogued the individuals, companies, and museums who have helped me out, so it't hard to find people or companies from the past. I forgot about Mr. Frederick Pals, but I certainly knew about his fine ebay store, so when I wrote for permission, having mentioned to  Frederick that I had written about him before, hue remembered me, and granted me permission again.

   Frederick always has a marvellous collection of toys for sale in his ebay store, and this time was no exception. But it's his descriptions and photos that are well done. He usually uses a book of toys behind the toy that he is presenting, and the book usually has a photo of the rare toys that he has up for auction in. But  just when I thought that Frederick couldn't improve on his excellent ebay store, I was wrong. He had started to use an ebay company called inkfrog. Inkfrog is a website that redirects ebay viewers to their website.The website then allows you to look at large-sized photos for your convenience and details. With Frederick having an excellent reputation on ebay, and taking excellent photos, the use of  inkfrog has taken him one step better than what he had before for his  
 ebay store.

A screen-capture of a "typical" introductory photo of a Frederick Pals toy car.
The book is used to illustrate the authenticity and rarity of his rarer toys.

A screen-capture of an ink frog page. When you click on the larger single photo, the screen changes to an even larger photo with arrows.The arrows allow you to go backwards to view a previous photo, or forwards to see the next photo. These photos are very large, and allow you, the potential client, to view lots of detail of the toy.

Antique Tin Toy, Burnett Wells London Coupe Tco London England
Length x Width:    6 3/4 " x  2 3/4"  175 mm x 71 mm
Above are images that Frederick took for  both  ebay and  ink frog. I made them this size, but if you double-click on the photo, you will be able to see it much larger.

A screen-capture of another toy presented on ink frog.
The photos were under-exposed, but you could see quite well the details of the toy on  ink frog.
All I did below was a minor exposure correction, and changing the grey background to white.

Antique Tin Toy, Pre War (WWII) SF Paris Race Car France Rossignol
Formula 1, Very Rare.
Length: 8 3/4"  222 mm

 It's a real pleasure when I can screen-capture photos, and only have to very slightly improve upon them in Photoshop. This saves me a lot of time, and I use the time more to appreciate Frederick's fine toys, than to write the post!

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