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Finding Toys in all Places (Pinterest)


Finding Toys in all Places

I'm sure that most of you you know what Pinterest is, but for those who don't I'll explain their website in brief. Pinterest is a website that allows people to screen-capture images on the Internet. Once you have them captured, you can then  place them in you account, or your personal file folders on their website.  Members of Pinterest not only place their newfound toy photos on Pinterest, but will "share" them with their friends.

It's "polite" to add a reference as to where you captured the photo, and most people do. Whether or not the website where the photos are is copyrighted, does;'t seem to bother those who capture images. I've even had to ask people to take off photos that they "captured" from my website. However, this is an endless and fruitless endeavour!

What some people or companies do is add their photos, as well as their link. This is a "smart" idea, because if you're a tell merchant or website,you can have people click on a part of the Pinterest screen, and that will take you to their website.

Unfortunately, not all the screen-captured images on Pinterest are high-quality photographs. However, when a search result comes up with 50 photos at a time, you have the ability to select what most interests you, or choose true best-quality photo.  I'll explain things more, as I write the post.

  When you sign up to Pinterest, Pinterest would like you to add 5 titles to which you have an interest. I only added one - "Antique Toys".  When I sign  in to my Pinterest, there will be some suggestions of your selected category. I have 2 toy above, but one is not old, and the other (Baby Pram) is definitely  old.  If you don't know, my criteria for writing on my blog is to search out pre-1950 old) and true antique toys (at least 100 years old. Everything in between will do (1850-1950).

I decided to click  on the airplane toy to see what might come up.

This screen-capture was the result of clicking on the toy airplane. Of course, the search is not 100% accurate, so some of the photos are not true antiques. The airplane is  modern-era , and the lower-left motorcycle against a red background may not be 1950's or earlier. 1950's. However, some of the other toys are definitely pre-1950. The "BABY DOLL Pram" is, and so is the Levy George (Gely) Motorcycle, and the Tippco motorcycle with Mini and Mickey Mouse (or perhaps just 2 mice).

I did another search for "old toys" and the above are the results.
Most are certainly not pre-1950. Only the black lunchbox and perhaps the toy rattles are pre-1950's.
As for the globe, you could check an enlargement and see what countries on the USSR portion are there. If the USSR is not divided up , as it is today, then it might be an "older" item.

There is another option to find antique toys, 
and that's via "search"in the upper left hand corner.

Above is the result for "antique toy". You're given 2 result options. One is a written result with varied results for the search "antique toy", while the other are "boards". Boards are where a group of people  will post photographs of a certain category of toys. It's basically the same search results and the written results, but these results will be more specific and limiting that the  written results.

I clicked on "antique toys" in the previous photo, and came up with the results above.
Then I clicked on the image of "Spark Plug".
I could have clicked on the above photo to visit Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions, but I didn't. 

Instead, I clicked on the car above, and up popped a car from buddylcars.com
I then clicked on the red fire truck, and got the photo below.

The photo above then offers you 2 choices. One is to click on the writing where the left arrow is,and the other option is to click on the visit button.

Here's the result. The page result is not designed very well, nevertheless, 
I clicked on "Buddy L Trucks" and got the nice truck below.

There is a small amount of information on the Keystone truck above.

I decided to backtrack to the previous Pinterest page, and select another toy. My reason was to search out another toy that had more information about the toy. That's because, I like to provide information about any toy, if I can. 

Clicking on the toy image above, got me more photos of the same toy.

Here's the results.Now I would have the option of selecting from 5 of these cars.
Surely, one of the images would provide me with more information!

THe selected the top first image, and was redirected to ebay
This listing had more information. If I needed I'd use the written information if
another location that had given me permission to use their photos, did not have information.

 I decided to go back and  click on the Micky and Mini (Tipp & Co.) Mouse Riding Motorcycle

The enlargement showed me it was from Bertoia Auctions. 
Notice the thorough and well-written description of this toy.

I should have known that this toy was "special". 
The final winning bid was $ 56,050.00 USD
Lots of photos, well-described, and a very rare toy.

Thanks for visiting,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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