Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Newly-Discovered Toy Manufacturer

Sunday, October 16,2016

A Newly-Discovered Toy Manufacturer

1920 Behren & Rothschild (B & R) Kid Tin Scooter
A working toy fro the days when kids took a wooden packing crate and some old
roller skates (or large wheels) and made a mobile scooter ride. 
A very uncommon and nicely made American pre-war (pre-1941) tin toy.
Length: 7"  177.8 mm

There's a small hole above the wheel with a string attached.
I'm thinking that this toy was a "pull toy".

The company is American (USA).

The logo of the Behrend-Rothschild company has 
a pair of wings with the Letters B&R in a circle at the junction of the 2 wings.

If anyone out there has a Behrend-Rothschild toy, please send me photos
 (minimum size 4 x 6@ 300 dpi) and 4-6 photos  with your name and a brief history of the toy.
I;='ll make a special post for you.

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