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Some Beautiful Dinky Toy Cars

October 14, 2016
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Some Beautiful
Dinky Toy Cars

E-Bay Store

I found this this exceptional  seller when I visited ebay last week.  What attracted me to his listings and store was that there was lots of information on each toy.  The photography was superb both in terms of camera angle, focus,and presenting the toy in all of its' sides and  the top and bottom.  If you don' know already, I taught pro photography for 35 years here in Montreal, and I occasionally did work when I wasn't teaching. That's why I appreciate the quality and work that went into Fred's store.

I wrote to Fred, asking him for some information about himself and his fine store, and below is what I got. I hand;t expected such an exhaustive narrative, but like his photography and information about his toys, Fred works hard at everything. This is a part-time job for Fred, as his day-to-day work is as a songwriter and pianist.  I was also amazed that Fred is bilingual,speaking French and English. His English is also excellent, compared to my French, here in Quebec, where I live!

In his own words 

Hi Stacey,

"I will try to answer your questions one by one but provide more information about me later. I do not sell on ebay only but have my own website that will be operational soon. (I will provide you with the URL address link). This is my only priority to purchase high quality toys, as well as rare items. A true preference and choice for a real specialization. I always advise collectors to buy less, but better, as beyond taking pleasure to buy vintage toys,they have to consider investment as seriously as possible.

I'm constantly looking for new auctions all around the world to find the best and scarcest items. This goes through participating in a large quantity of public auctions where I always try to get items for the best possible price, which has become increasingly difficult.

I'm located in France, that's right! French Dinky Toys are not particular higher priced than those from England. It only depends on quality and scarcity. The more quality and scarcity you have, the higher the prices will be. But I always try to price my toys as accurately as possible,since they are based upon quality, scarcity, purchase prices,and average results from public auctions.

It is somewhat a part-time job though a true business. I just set up because I'm also a song writer and composer (Pianist).

I do not only sell Dinky Toys, but also Mercury, Mebetoys, Tootsietoys, Corgi Toys, Solido, C.I.J., J.R.D., Techno, Marklin, Quiralu, some others, and Some Tinplate toys. As well, I only sell die cast and tinplate models.

My online website will be in English and French entirely,Including details and information, as well as toy descriptions. Prices are in Euros, but can be converted to some other exchange rates live and at any time (GBP, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Yen, and Yuan. These are for
indication only, as rates are fluctuating all the time. 

Hope these answers will help you Stacey. Anyway, I ail give you more information gradually. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time, I will try to answer as fast as time permits.

Have a nice Sunday,
Kind Regards,

1957 No. 24N French Dinky Toy Citroen 11BL
Produced from 1958 to 1958.
Never individually boxed,these were supplied in trade box of 6 only.

Dinky Toys No. 36D Rover Streamline  in the Rare 

Deep Royal Blue/black  1947 Excellent Scarce AO

Lovely  glossy paintwork, intact tyres and radiator grill unit.  
Produced from 1947 to 1950.
Never individually boxed, they were supplied in a grade box of 6, or gift set only.

Dinky Toys England No. 36D Rover Streamline Coupe Mid Green/Black 1947
Very rare Chrysler Royal Sedan in one of its' 2 US export versions.
Produced from 1950 to1952 only.
Never individually boxed (supplied in trade box of 6 only).
Probably one of the two hardest cars to find with export issues to the US. 
Obviously one of the rarest 36 eerie models, almost never offered on the market.

Dinky Toys England No. 30D Vauxhall Limousine.
Dark Brown/Black 1948.
Excellent / Excellent+A Condition
Produced from 1948 to 1950.
Never individually boxed (supplied in trade box of 6 only).
Lovely hard to find model in this condition.

You can be sure that I'll be visiting Fred, his store, and his new website in the future! Not only is his photography excellent, and his toy descriptions a learning experience,
but I really didn't have to put a big effort into this post. 
Fred truly deserves all of the credit for the work!

Thank you Fred

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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