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   I hadn't visited my friend, Mr. Frederick Pals and his fine ebay website in a long time.  I had just written a new past earlier this week about another Frederic, and thus was reminded of the first Frederick. Frederick Pals' photography was always excellent, and he has the most interesting tin toys. He provided plenty of photos to those watching his listings ion ebay,and he has good information about the toys. 

I selected 3 nice toys to present today. However, as you go further down, 
you'll see that Frederick also has books for sale on old and antique toys.

Antique Toy Pre War Tin Marklin Tank 
Clockwork Germany Wehrmacht 1930

Antique Toy Dinky Toy Diecast Pertol Truck 
Green Meccano LTD United Kingdom
Frederick likes to place his toys against a book background.
Sometimes, he'll even have a book with the toy he is showing.

Antique Tin Toy Pre War SF Paris Race Car 
France Rossignol Formula 1 Very Rare
Antique Tin Toy Book 
Passenger Cars Concept Sports Bandai Alps Masudaya Japan


Antique Tin Toy Book by Rick Bertoia
Motorcycles, Distler, Tippco, Bandai, Gunthermann, Bing
The name of Rick Bertoia should catch your attention. He's one of the Bertoia brothers who works at Bertoia Auctions. Bertoia Auctions is one of the premier toy auctioneers in North America.

Antique Tin Toy Book Germany
Tippco, Hess, Bing, Schuco, US Zone, Gunthermann, Hess

If you like toy books, you might want to have a look at Frederick's ebay store. 
You never know what you may find.

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