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OpAmerica Revisited

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OpAmerica Revisited
(OpAmerica Toy and Bank Museum)

   If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed that I have returned to writing new posts. Of course, there's a reason. I'm approaching the 400,000 milestone of posts that have been read, and so I wanted to add a group of posts to elevate the readership. Of course, I didm;t know iof the strategy would work, but it has. In the last few days, readership has returned to the 200-300 daily views, and I will soon hit that milestone within the next few days.


A Nifty brand tin lithographed wind-up toy from Germany
Circa: 1923

After the toy is wound up and released, the rider and Nifty (the horse) move. 
The rider moves up and down on the horse, and Nifty moves about, 
and his head and tail move up and down.

Very Rare Antique
Andre Citroen Fire Truck Tin Wind Up Toy from France
Circa: 1930's

This fire truck brand is another new discovery. I have never heard of the "Andre Citroen" company before.

Very Rare Antique
Andre Citroen Limousine Tin Wind Up  Car Toy from France
Circa: 1920's -1930's

Another Andre Citroen toy with suicide doors that open up in the 
opposite way from our modern-era cars of today.

Rare Nifty Hi-Way Henry Jalopy 
Comic Wind-up Tin Toy

And finally, another Nifty brand toy. As with the topmost toy, this one is also based on newspaper comic characters from the 1920's-1930's era, when comic characters in the newspapers were once very popular.

OpAmerica  is a fabulous place to find all kinds of toys of exceptional value and rarity. 
Of course, they also sell less expensive and more common toys. That's business, of course.

The photography is always excellent, and allows me to work less on improving their photos,since there is rarely much work to improve upon. The only thing I usually have to do is resize the image to readily view on my blog, and to add the copyright notice that I always add to the single or image or composite image.  This affords me more time to search out more toys that I am always searching for and to meet new people and companies in this vast wide world.

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