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Collectors Weekly

Tuesday 2016-10-16

Collectors Weekly

     There are so many toy websites, that it would take you years to find them all. A few days ago, I did a search in Google, and up came a recommendation of Collectors Weekly. I decided to visit the website. It looked good, so I wrote a letter asking if I could write about them. I got a reply the next day,and I'm writing today.

    The screen-capture below is an opening page.  On the top, next to the logo of Collectors Weekly are several larger type titles ranging from Fashion to Collectibles.  Below the large-sized font titles,there are is another group of smaller titles. I clicked on "Toys" (notice it is lighter in tone than the other titles), and later on the left menu on "pull". The photos that appear are pull toys. Interestingly, if you click on any particular toy, you are directed to ebay stores. ebay cooperates with many non-ebay websites to promote themselves. It's of course commercial in nature, but the links are great if you want information on a particular toy.

Here is another window with toys pressed at the top horizontal menu. What's interesting is that next to the toy photos that you see, there is writing which features an article on toys.Notice that lots of the writing is on blue. If you click on "Pull toys" or "Friction toys", a whole new page will come up. There will be an article about either topic (pull toys or friction toys), depending on which words you clicked on. As well, there will be photographs of toys,. Click on any toy, and you're redirected to ebay. Not all of the ebay sellers research their toys, so you will find some with very in-depth descriptions, and some with very little. In most cases though, the name of the manufacturer will be identified.

Notice the lower red arrow pointing to "motorcycles".  When I clicked on that word, sure enough, motorcycles toy appeared. Collectors Weekly website is very user-friendly,and easy to use.

In the image below, I first clicked on "Machines", then "model cars".  
I then clicked again on the word on the left column  - "die cast", 
and photos came up with diecast toys.

Of course, you can always enter words into the space titled "search".

The search results for "cast iron toys"

Clicking once more on the words "Cast Iron Model Cars" (above) 
yields a whole page of cast iron cars. There certainly is a very good diversity of toys above. Not only that,but some of these toys are quite expensive and in demand.

 The purpose of having found Collectors Weekly is that it's another excellent resource to
use to find toys.Not only that, but there are interesting articles that you will find interesting.

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
Have a great part of the day or night,
Wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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