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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…...

October 18,2016
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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,
Who's the Rarest of Them All?
(Version 2)

If you're wondering about the title of this post, it's from the 1937 Walt Disney movie classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"When I was browsing the ebay OpAmerica website, I couldn't help but notice a pair of very rare Hubley cast iron airplanes.   I'd written above these 2 marvellous Hubley toys before, but I couldn't pass up on presenting these 2 airplanes together.

Rare 17" WS Hubley Cast Iron Tri-Motor American Airplane
I am pleased to offer this Antique Hubley Cast Iron Tri-Motor America Plane.  This version of the America was the largest Cast Iron Plane made by Hubley, and features three prop motors that rotate via a spring drive when the toy is pushed across a surface.  There are two visible pilots in the open cockpit, and right behind them across the large single wing panel are raised lettering of "AMERICA" and two circled stars.  There is also a raised star on each side of the tail wing.
This plane is constructed with a cast iron body and cast aluminum motors/propellers.  The two large front wheels are rubber, and look to be reproductions of original Hubley Tires.  There rear small tire has no rubber but still rolls well.  Plane looks to be all original (with exception to the tires).
This antique Hubley America is in good aged condition, showing some moderate shelf wear from display/age.  Moderate paint wear throughout, with some mild oxidation present throughout the areas of paint wear.  Spring drive works rotating the motors as you push the plane, although the props do stick occasionally.  
Measures about 17" Wingspan, about 13" L, and 5-3/4" H 
Our High Resolution Photographs are taken for your review and inspection of the item in detail. Please review and feel free to ask any question you may have. 
International buyers must request shipping cost please!
Thank you for viewing!

Hubley Lockheed Sirius Cast Iron Plane Lindy NR-211
I am pleased to offer this Antique Hubley Lockheed Sirius Cast Iron Plane.  Following the famous flights of Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Hubley manufactured one of their rarest and most valuable toys in commemoration: the Lockheed Sirius.  Designed by Chief engineer Gerard Vultree, the Lockheed 8 Sirius was based off of Charles's specifications.  Around 3 feet shorter than the Spirit of St. Louis (the plane Lindberg used for his NY-Paris flight),  the Sirius could travel at 185 mph, 52 mph faster than the St. Louis.  
This particular piece features a two-tone black/orange paint job, with "Lindy" embossed on the left wing; "NR-211" embossed on the right wing, as well as "NR-211 Lockheed Sirius" embossed on both sides of the tail.  The front engine is nickel plated with a small attachment for a pull rope, which is not present.  All Parts, wing sections, tires, and pilots are present, making this plane complete minus the original pull rope.
This rare plane is in good condition for its age, showing moderate paint wear and mild oxidation from age/display.  Paint is at about 80%, with the majority of loss being on the wings edges and the underside.  Original tires are present, but they have hardened and are cracked (see pictures).  Propeller moves well.  Remnants of a Hubley decal can be seen on the tail wing.
              Measures about 9" L x 10-1/2" W x 4-1/4" H   233 mm x 265mm x 110 mm
   Our High Definition photographs are taken for your close inspection of the item.  
Please review them and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

International Bidders must request shipping costs!
Thank you for viewing!

Because OpAmerica (OpAmerica Toy and Bank Museum) does such an excellent job with their photography and descriptions, I simply did some minor work on the photos,and added their own description (copy & paste, and change the font).

Some days, you just can't believe how much pleasure there is in doing minimal work on a post. I can't take much responsibility here, because OpAmerica helped me by doing such a remarkable job. 

It's a very nice day outside,so I'll be going out with my wife to her sister (my sister-in-law)  for lunch today.

Thanks for dropping by,
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